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The Last Thing We Need is for Trump to Shut Up.

How do I say this without pissing everyone off? I’ll just say it and if it pisses everyone off, so it does. It still needs to be said.

If Trump is charged with anything, the first thing that will happen is the presiding judge will tell him to keep his mouth shut. And since by that time his so-called social media ‘platform,’ Truth Media, will probably be dead and buried, he really will be gone.

It will have taken four years and the combined actions of at least two grand juries and both a federal and state prosecutor, but what will be Trump’s situation – gone and forgotten – is what every other former President did for themselves within 30 days after they ended their last political campaign.

Heard anything lately from Obama? Heard anything lately from Bush? How about Bill Clinton? And the fact that Hillary keeps yapping away, let’s not forget that no matter what she thinks, she’s not an ex-President, okay?

So, yesterday we get an excerpt from yet another tell-all book about the Trump White House, this one written by Peter Navarro, who was the so-called foreign trade expert in the Trump Administration, but was actually an in-house spieler for Fox News, who spieled about anything and everything on a daily basis, whether what he said had anything to do with foreign trade or not.

You may recall that Navarro joined the White House staff because Trump made a big deal out of how we were getting ‘screwed’ by China and everyone else on foreign trade. And what exactly did Trump accomplish to give our economy more protection against all those rapacious foreign governments that were stealing jobs from American workers and overcharging us for their shoddy goods?

Other than a rewrite of the NAFTA deal, a process which actually began before Trump was elected and didn’t change much of anything at all, Trump didn’t accomplish a goddamn thing when it came to protecting America’s commercial interests overseas. But come to think of it, he didn’t accomplish much of anything while he sat there tweeting away like crazy and watching ‘the shows’ on TV. But back to Navarro.

In his new book, Taking Back Trump’s America, Navarro blames the 2020 election loss on the ineptitude and stupidity of some of Trump’s chief advisers like Mnuchin, Kushner and others, and refers to them all as a ‘cabinet of clowns.’ This one was ‘stupid,’ that one was ‘dumb,’ the other one was ‘out of his league.’

Fine. If that’s how Navarro wants to explain the 81 million votes that Joe received, good for him.

But here’s my real point and what I’m now going to say is the reason this comment may piss off all my liberal friends. Ready?

If Trump ever sits down in or out of jail and dictates a memoir about the White House years, the last thing he’ll do is refer to anyone whom he doesn’t like as ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb.’ They will be named and called ‘rats,’ ‘shit faces,’ ‘assholes’ or worse. Because that’s the one unique thing that Trump brought to American politics beginning with his 2016 campaign.

The United States has never been represented in the Oval Office by someone who not only used profanity in just about every statement, but often mixed the profanity and ugly, insulting comments with a literacy level that was somewhere between the third and fourth grades.

This communication style wasn’t an accident, his tweets weren’t just messages that he didn’t have time to correct before he sent them out. The cursing, the insults and the general vulgarity of Trump’s lexicon was a conscious and continuous effort to create a Presidential persona who was different from the inside-the-Beltway crowd and, more important, would get him noticed by the Fake News every, single day.

But what happens if Trump really does have to shut the f*ck up and also has to give up his fancy, orange mop because you can’t wear a headpiece inside a federal pen? What are we – the people who depend on Trump to give us something to write about every day – going to do if all we have to report on are the boring comments coming from DeSantis, McConnell, or Kamala and Joe?

As Grandpa would say ‘oy vay’ (read: pain in the ass.) That’s not going to be very good.

I’d like to see Joe make a deal with Trump. In return for a Get Out of Jail Free card, Trump agrees to not be a Presidential candidate again. He can shoot his mouth off, he can sell his MAGA crap online, but enough with pretending that he’s a serious candidate and oh, by the way, enough with those goddamn rallies too.

But at least we’d have Trump around for his daily rant and people like me wouldn’t have to figure out how to make a story out of the boring comments coming from everyone else.

Joe’s going off to the Queen’s funeral. I’m going to write something about that?

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