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The Last Thing We Need Is The GOP.

My last corporate gig was at a Fortune-100 company where I ran a 300-person IT division called Operations that was responsible for making sure that we had 24/7 availability for 4,000 desktops, 300 servers and 3 mainframes in the Home Office, along with just as many workstations in offices throughout the United States and abroad.

Of the 300 or so staff in my division, most were good, reliable folks who showed up every day, did their job and then went home. There were also 30-40 ‘go to’ people who were exceptionally talented in various IT specialties and you always made sure to have a couple of them around whenever some production problem cropped up.

Finally, we also had a number of real dummies, who somehow kept their jobs because they hadn’t been caught stealing or sending porno messages through the system, which were the only things that would get someone fired without having to spend 6 months going through endless meetings in HR.

To keep everyone employed, we divided the dummies into three groups:

Group #1 we called the ‘D’ group. Group #2 we called the ‘R-D’ group, and Group #3 was the ‘R-D-F’ group. The ‘D’ group did the simplest tasks, like checking to make sure the severs were all plugged in and the lights in the Data Center were turned on. The ‘R-D’ group did the even simpler tasks, like checking to make sure that printers had enough paper and things like that. The ‘R-D-F’ group were given nothing to do because if they touched any piece of equipment, something would go wrong.

What did ‘D’ stand for? Dumb.

What did ‘R-D’ stand for? Real dumb.

What did ‘R-D-F’ stand for? The ‘F’ was a four-letter word which started with ‘F’ and ended with ‘K.’ If you can’t figure that one out, maybe you’re a member of that group too.

Anyway, what I think Trump should do at his rally tonight in Georgia is announce the formation of the RDF Party, with him running for President in 2024 and the second spot still up for grabs.

Some of the contenders for Slot #2 for the RDF Party will join Trump at his Saturday rally, the list of speakers already includes Marjorie Taylor Greene, a guy named Patrick Witt, who’s a candidate for the office of Insurance and Fire Commissioner in Georgia and a lady named Jody Hice, who wants to become Georgia’s Secretary of State.

Quite a list, wouldn’t you say?

There’s a group out there called Free Speech for People which has just filed a lawsuit challenging Marjorie Taylor’s re-election campaign, claiming that her support for the January 6th rioters means that she is violating the 14th Amendment that was passed after the Civil War and prohibits anyone from serving in Congress who has engaged in an act of insurrection against the United States.

This group has got to be a bunch of mainstream Republicans in disguise, and despite their claim that they are a ‘non-partisan’ group ‘fighting for fair and free elections,’ what they are really doing is trying to keep the GOP competitive with our side.

If the Democrats want to win in 2024, or in any national election past that date, the last thing they should be doing is trying to keep Marjorie Taylor Greene out of sight. Because if she doesn’t appeal to the most RDF’s among us, who does?

I’ll tell you who does. The guy who will welcome her up to the stage to blurt out a few words at the Georgia rally tonight.

If Trump has done one thing more than anything else over the past six years, it’s to elevate stupidity and dumbness to a sacred creed. Don’t believe me? Tune into his rant for a couple of minutes tonight while he tells the crowd why he believes he is still President of the United States.

The last thing we need is for the Republican Party to return to its roots as the champion of racial equality defined by the brilliant and unforgettable rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln at his 2nd Inaugural in 1865.

“With malice towards none, with charity towards all.”

Can you imagine Donald Trump talking like that?

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