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The Liberal Media Just Loves the Fascist Fringe.

Now that the GOP will shortly be commencing its second week of showcasing the behavior of the dumbest bunch of political officeholders to ever occupy the same space at the same time, we will also be treated to a phantasmagoria of liberal commentary on how bad the political process has become.

It’s started off this morning with a long piece in Salon by Chauncey DeVega, which asks us to consider the following question: “How can we prevent another Donald Trump, another fascistic, sadistic demagogue, from ever coming to power?

DeVega goes on to tell us that Trump and his gang are ‘plotting in public’ to overthrow American democracy and that he has tens of millions of followers who are “potentially willing to engage in acts of violence, and perhaps even die, at his command.”

Salon covers its sorry ass by describing this horsesh*t as ‘commentary,’ which means that the writer doesn’t have to align a single word he says with anything remotely considered to be a fact. In other words, if it’s an opinion, it doesn’t have to be tested in any way to be judged true or false.

But I thought the whole point of liberal media was to align its content with the facts. I thought that everyone knew that when Donald Trump ranted about the ‘fake news,’ he was really talking about himself.

Wrong. Totally and completely wrong. Not only is this Salon piece an obvious attempt to promote the worst, the most stupid and false narrative about the Right as described by the Left, but as Trump continues to fade into the blurred media pantheon occupied by all former Presidents, I predict that the hysterical pandering represented by Chauncey DeVega’s crap will get worse.

When Rudy Giuliani blamed his 1989 loss to become New York City Mayor on 60,000 stolen votes in The Bronx, was he trying to overthrow democracy and install himself as a Fascist in City Hall? When Richard Nixon told John Dean that he could come up with ‘hush money’ to keep the Watergate burglars quiet, was he planning a coup d’éat?

I’ll tell you what Rudy and Dick were doing. They were shooting their mouths off because at that moment they had nothing better to do. Which is exactly why Trump made that dumb speech on January 6th telling all his idiots to leave D.C. peacefully because he loved them all so much.

Trump’s no Fascist because every Fascist government I ever heard of took power and enforced their dictates by force of arms. And I’m not talking about a bunch of schmucks whose weapons consisted of some anti-bear repellent that hunters take with them into the woods. Like Joe says, want to take on the United States? Bring your F-15.

I love how the Fake News has all of a sudden discovered that Marjorie Taylor Greene is now becoming a ‘mainstream’ politician by supporting McCarthy and breaking with the Freedom Caucus the last couple of days. So now we are supposed to take seriously anything she says?

I can predict that sooner or later we’ll have a ‘commentary’ from Chauncey DeVega telling us that Fascism has become a ‘mainstream’ ideology in American politics which will obliterate democracy if Trump runs in 2024. He won’t even have to win the election because there won’t be an election if Trump’s still around.

Want to spend a minute contemplating some real facts? Try this one. In December, non-farm payrolls increased by 223,000, which was 10 percent higher than what Dow Jones predicted nonfarm new job totals would be. The largest increase was in the sector known as leisure and hospitality, which means that Americans have stopped worrying about the Pandemic and are going out to eat.

What does Salon have to say about those facts? According to Chauncey DeVega, “the Age of Trump constantly offers further proof that a sick and broken society can accept just about anything, no matter how surreal and grotesque.”

Last night my wife and I stopped off on the way home from work to eat dinner at a Mexican joint. We walked into the restaurant at 5:30 P.M. and got the last open booth. I couldn’t get over how my taco platter and Corona were so sick and broken, never mind the basket of chips and the guacamole sauce.

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