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The MAGA Crazies Keep Getting Crazier.

I live in Massachusetts which is basically a one-party state. There are a few Republicans around here and there, but nobody takes them very seriously. There are 160 seats in the State Legislature – 127 are currently held by Democrats. Massachusetts is the only state of all 50 states which sends more than three Congressional members to D.C. and all of them are Democrats too.

We do have a Republican Governor, but that’s because the Governor always runs as the only way to keep the Democrats from spending the state into utter bankruptcy. Plus, the Governor is actually a Democrat in disguise. Four hours after the Supreme Court reworked Roe to the satisfaction of the alt-right gang, Governor Baker signed an executive order protecting a woman’s right to choose in the Bay State.

So, if you’re a Yellow Dog Democrat like me (I have voted every two years since 1966 and never voted for any Republican) it’s somewhat comforting to live in an entirely blue state. On the other hand, every once in a while, the POS/GOP comes up with a candidate who is so crazy or so dumb (take your pick) that I miss the opportunity to follow their antics on a daily basis.

Now you might think that when it comes to craziness combined with stupidity that the front-runner would always be Marjorie Taylor Greene. But the problem with MJT is she’s now been around for a couple of years, so we know that what we see and hear from her is what we’ll always get.

And the moment a politician can be counted on to say exactly what we know they are going to say, to quote my late, dear friend Jimmy Breslin, you’re talking about a politician who has committed the single, worst crime a politician can commit – he or she has become a bore.

Which, by the way, is beginning to happen to Orange Shithead these days, who is quickly losing the support of some of his heretofore biggest and most important backers like Fox News. Even Sean Hannity, who’s been riding Orange Shitheads coattails for two decades, has backed off and doesn’t give OS free time on his show any more.

However, the good news for those of us who enjoy seeing the degree to which the POS/GOP continues to foster the political careers of some of this country’s craziest and dumbest bunnies, is that in the wake of Orange Shithead’s slow but steady demise, we seem to have found a new group of bizarre nut jobs who believe that they will somehow succeed by promoting themselves as the next cycle of MAGA leaders – in spades.

Right now, the one I’m thinking about in this election cycle is Kari Lake who’s running for Governor in Arizona with the endorsement of Orange Shithead and will be facing the voters tomorrow in the statewide POS/GOP primary vote.

She’s a former TV anchor for Fox who is running because she wants to put the final nail in the Arizona RINO coffin which she believes is being held together by Cindy McCain, who is John McCain’s widow and has described Lake as ‘trash.’

The real reason that the RINO contingent is such a threat to the POS/GOP is that people who follow the RINO line aren’t Republicans at all. They are what Lake refers to as ‘globalists’ and they are aligned with – ready? – George Soros, who has worked tirelessly over the entire course of his life to make America just another spoke in the global wheel.

And what does Lake’s mention of George Soros as the chief globalist’ henchman tell you? It tells you that the anti-RINO, pro-MAGA wing of the POS/GOP is one step away from openly embracing the same kind of racism that OS and his MAGA shitheads began pushing in 2016 except this racism has a certain Semitic tinge. Or I should say, anti-Semitic tinge.

Just wait. Sooner or later, what’s left of MAGA will align itself with this loony, Christian nationalist bunch, throw in a few rhetorical dollops from conspiracy-minded militias like the Three Percenters, and you have enough people to get some names on some ballots here and there.

Frankly, I hope that deep enders like Kari Lake stick around and even show some electoral strength. For that matter, I am still hoping that OS announces for 2024 and goes along with the little boomlet which just started to put Marjorie Taylor Greene on the ticket as VP.

Are they all that dumb?

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