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The MAGA Revolution Is Truly A National Movement.

When we think about the events of January 6th, let’s not fiddle-faddle around with some silly, little phrases like ‘riot,’ or ‘insurrection’ or anything else like that. This was a wholesale revolution, national in scope.

How do I know this? Because of the 156 revolutionaries indicted, charged, and arrested by the FBI to date, they happen to have come to D.C. from 36 different states! The locations where at least one of the January 6th patriots’ lives are colored red:

Some states provided safe havens for more movement members than other states. Both New York and Texas contributed 16 heroes to the attempt to ‘take back America’ on January 6th. Another 12 freedom fighters came up from Florida, another 11 revolutionaries journeyed in from California. At least one-third of the men and women who are willing to fight for our freedom came from at least 300 miles away on that blessed day.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that these freedom-loving folks are just men. So far, the feds have arrested 18 women, and I’m sure there are more Rosa Luxembourg wannabees among the 800 or so flag wavers who streamed into the Capitol and wandered through the building looking to confront the traitors who tried to keep Donald Trump from fulfilling his second term.

We still don’t have any kind of accurate count for the number who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue after Trump lied and promised to meet them when they got to the Capitol grounds. Luke Mogelson estimated the size of the march at 8,000, the ‘Save America’ rally had a permit for 30,000, nobody really knows.

But if at least one person who ran around inside the Capitol came from 36 of the 50 states, then the idea that we are dealing with a national collection of domestic terrorists and revolutionaries may be true, right? Yea, right.

I’ll tell you what we are really dealing with. We’re dealing with a country so rich and so well off that even in the midst of a pandemic which is grinding towards 500,000 deaths, a bunch of schmucks who have nothing better to do can travel in some cases more than two thousand miles to listen to Trump make the same speech that he’s delivered at least 200 times over the last four years.

I’ve watched Trump campaign events at least a dozen times. It’s the same speech every, single time. You’re a great crowd, we love you very much. I’m the best President you ever had, and if it weren’t for the mainstream media which is the enemy of the people, and if it weren’t for the Russian ‘hoax’ and the Chinese ‘flu’, I would have gotten even more done. I’ll still finish the wall although it’s almost done, and I’ll send all those goddamn immigrants back to the shithole countries where they belong.

Want to know what the Deep State really is? It’s a polite way of saying that government exists to take money away from hard-working Whites and give it to lazy, good-for-nothing Blacks. If you watch Luke Mogelson’s January 6th video, you’ll see the same shitheads dancing around inside the Capitol with their MAGA hats and Confederate flags that you’ll see standing in the street and yelling the n-word at BLM protestors marching by.

Oh, and let’s not forget that along with this appalling and obvious racism, there’s always a good bit of anti-Semitism thrown in. After all, there wouldn’t be a Deep State without the financial help of George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, et. al.

The good news is that even in a society as rich and educated as ours, you’ll always find a few real assholes who will make jerks out of themselves and maybe even get arrested because they have nothing better to do. And once they get bailed out, they’ll go back home and post a selfie on their Facebook page.

A selfie or video on Facebook. That’s what the MAGA ‘revolution’ is all about.

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31. Jan. 2021

Couy Griffin, the leader of Cowboys for Trump and a county commissioner from Otero County, New Mexico, is also a guest of the Federal Government after his arrest as part of his protest. Better color NM red!

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