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The So-Called Left Gets It Wrong Again.

              I hate to say it, but when it comes to understanding contemporary politics and making reasoned arguments about same, the people who describe themselves as being on the Left, are almost as lacking in knowledge about American political history as people who claim to be on the Right.

              Maybe not quite as stupid or dumb, because there’s nothing dumber than someone who actually believes all that conservative hogwash, but it’s a close call.

              And as the polls continue to show Trump with thin leads over Biden in some of the swing states, the so-called Leftists are raising their voices more and more to demand that Joe drop out.

              I happen to think that not only should Joe head the blue ticket next year, but he’ll get elected to a second term, no matter who runs for the red team – Trump or any of the other Humpty-Dumpty’s, although the list keeps getting shorter by the day.

              And by the way, I’m particularly pleased that we’ve heard the last from that phony Tim Scott, another black guy from the South who wants us to believe that the GOP gave him everything that he’s become. If it hadn’t been for Northern Democrats, Scott would still be picking cotton for three bucks a day if he got paid at all.

              Anyway, back to the so-called Left.

              When I was a kid (there we go again) the word ‘Left’ meant that you were a Socialist or a Communist, or both. ‘Left’ didn’t mean an expansion of government medical care because there was no government medical care. ‘Left’ didn’t mean getting rid of college loans because nobody went to college. And ‘Left’ certainly didn’t mean that you had to separate the garbage from the trash, and you certainly didn’t have to worry about global warming, or gender-free toilets, or any of that other nouveau-liberal shit.

              ‘Left’ meant one thing, which is that you were opposed to private property because it was a particular way to organize society invented by the Brits about a century after William the Conqueror invaded England and used all the land he swiped from the Saxons (the indigenous people, btw) to pay off his gang.

              For all his bullshit and bluster when he first started campaigning in 2016 by swiping the email lists from Occupy Wall Street, I have never once heard Reb Sanders mention abolishing private property and replacing it as a measure of wealth with, let’s say, the inherent value of doing something to help someone else.

              I know a guy my age who drives a truck and delivers asphalt to highway digs. When his son was in high school, the kid would sometimes bring home another kid who was homeless and came to school basically to get the free lunch. My friend and his wife would give the homeless kid a bed, feed him all his meals, and give him fresh clothes to wear. Sometimes the guest was white, sometimes he was black.

              This family must have helped a dozen kids this way while their son was in school. Did they ask any agency for financial help? Nope. Did they think what they were doing was so uniquely generous and made them different from anyone else? Nope.

              I think about this family and what they did represents, to me, their lack of concern about private property or being judged by how much they owned or didn’t own. And by the way, the guy voted GOP because he was a gun nut and Democrats don’t like guns.

              But the point is that either you judge people and politics by taking private property out of the equation or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re about as much of a Leftist as Leonard Mermelstein, who isn’t a blogger or a Progressive bigmouth – he’s my cat.

              My friends on the so-called Left need to stop criticizing Joe for doing things he not only won’t do but never promised to do. Instead, they ought to shut the fuck up and let Joe have the four more years he’s entitled to have because Trump’s on his way to Butner instead of still sitting behind the real Resolute desk.


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