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The Supreme Court Gives Trump Nothing.

              So, you would think that the way the alt-right noise machine is screaming about Trump’s great victory today at the Supreme Court, that he had just been allowed to declare himself President for Life.

              In fact, the decision by the Court to put Trump back on the Colorado ballot increases his chances of him getting re-elected President as I have a chance to actually stay on the 544th diet which I started this morning to lose that hopeless 20 pounds.

              I’m not going to lose one, goddamn pound and Trump isn’t going to win the election in November for exactly the same reason, namely, that I’ve tried to lose weight on other diets, and it hasn’t worked, and Trump has tried to get re-elected and that didn’t work.

              Now, in my case the failure to lose those extra pounds is understandable for the simple reason that I like to eat. Which is actually much the same reason in a slightly different context which explains why Trump keeps trying to get elected President again, namely, because if your name happens to be your brand and you want to build your brand and earn a few more bucks, then running for President is a sure-fire strategy to get the job done.

              Except there’s one fundamental difference between me going on another diet and Trump continuing his Presidential campaign in 2024. And the difference is that I don’t have to convince anyone to come out on November 5th and mark an X next to my name.

              All I have to do is stay the hell out of the packaged and prepared foods department of my local convenience store. Trump, on the other hand, has to convince some 230,000 people who voted in 5 states for Joe last time around to come back to the red team and vote for him.

              That’s right. Joe won in 2020 because he figured out how to steal votes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and now Trump has to figure out how to steal them back.

              This is why all the noise being made by the alt-right echo chamber about today’s Court decision is a big, fat nothingburger without even any cheese. Because Colorado isn’t a battleground state. It’s a state which gave Trump just 40% of its votes in 2020 and even had Hillary 5 points ahead of Trump in 2016.

              I’ve said it before and before and before but repetition’s the key to good teaching, so I’ll say it again. In 2020, Joe won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by 8/10ths of one percent of the total votes received in those three states by him and Trump.

              Want me to add in a couple more? It doesn’t change things very much. We set a record in 2020 for the total number of votes cast for the two major Presidential candidates – 155 million and change. Meanwhile, the whole goddamn thing got down to less than 500,000 votes.

              Meanwhile, I notice back in New York that the poor bastard who kept the books for Trump’s business enterprises – Allen Weisselberg by name – is going back to Rikers Island for another five-month vacation and Rikers ain’t exactly like St. Martin or one of those other Caribbean getaway resorts.

              All Joe has to do in November is remind voters in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that they voted for him in 2020 because they didn’t want to vote for another four-year scam.

              As far as I’m concerned, by putting Trump back on the Colorado ballot, the Supreme Court has just handed Joe another 9 electoral votes.


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