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The Trump Crime Family Gets Caught.

Remember this great scene in Godfather I where Peter Clemenza is mentoring Michael Corleone before Corleone assassinates the corrupt police captain and Virgil Sollazzo in The Bronx? At one point, Clemenza says in a kind of off-handed way, “Every ten years or so we need a war. Brings in fresh blood.”

I was thinking of this scene as I watched the judge in Atlanta hand the indictments to the lady who was going to return the documents to the Court Clerk, and I thought the Trump crime family was going to need some fresh blood.

On another level, I also began thinking about the fact that there seems to be a major scandal involving the President once about every fifty years. Go back fifty years from now and you have Watergate. Go back another fifty years and you have the Teapot Dome.

Fifty years before Harding and it’s not a scandal per se, but the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson was like something which had never happened before.

Know what? Every one of those great, dramatic events involved a Republican President, which either tells you something about what kind of politicians are attracted to the GOP or tells you something about why Democrats seem to enjoy investigating the malfeasance of Republicans, or both.

Incidentally, last night I watched CNN which had a camera mounted outside the courthouse and there wasn’t one, single human being demonstrating for Trump. Not one. No Marjorie Taylor Greene, no Proud Boys, no nobody out in the street.

Getting back to the indictment itself, it’s very clear that the entire attempt to override the Georgia results was organized, planned, and directed if not by Trump himself, then with his awareness and support of all the strategies designed to upend the legal results. And while Trump knew what was going on and knew that members of his White House and campaign staffs were manufacturing totally invented results, he also kept up a daily drumbeat of lies, false accusations and noisy disclaimers to cover his tracks.

What comes out in this detailed and overly researched document is the fact that Trump and his confederates hardly worried about whether what they did and what they said to each other would ever be found out. It was almost as if they never asked themselves whether anyone would be interested in knowing whether or not they broke any laws.

Which brings me to a question which began occurring to me as I read through this 98-page text, and the question is this: How could this crime family, which counted numerous attorneys committing illegal acts, have been individually and collectively so friggin’ dumb? Or maybe a better way to say it would be to ask how they all could have been so arrogant in trying to manufacture so many false facts?

My answer to that question goes like this: When a woman from the Clerk’s office walked into the courtroom to deliver the indictment to the judge, other than some reporters and the judge himself, every other person in the room was black. All the cops, all the court officers, all the members of the prosecutor’s staff were all black women and black men.

So here was an indictment being addressed to the most publicly racist President we have ever elected, and he and his crime family were challenging lawful procedures and processes being invoked, managed, and certified by blacks.

And I may have missed something here, although I doubt if I did, but with the exception of the jackass who serves as director of Black Voices for Trump and his toady assistant, every individual named in this indictment is white.

I’m not saying or even hinting at the possibility that this indictment represents a racial assault by blacks against whites. To the contrary, what I am saying is that this white crime family operated so brazenly and so arrogantly precisely because they knew their behavior would be investigated and monitored by blacks.

And after all, everyone knows that blacks aren’t all that smart, aren’t all that motivated to do a good job, aren’t people that whites need to respect.

And if you think I’m going out of my way to accuse these shithead white criminals of being unable to even imagine that they could be held to account by a black woman and her largely black staff, you happen to be wrong.

Because that’s what racism is really all about – it’s a disease which creates a social blindness on the part of those that the disease infects.

And if this indictment proves anything at all, it’s that the Trump crime family is infected with racism up to the hilt.

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