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There's Nothing More Boring Than a Boring Speech.

On Saturday night, I watched the first 30 minutes of Trump’s speech at his Texas rally and then turned it off. I stopped watching because to paraphrase my good friend Jimmy Breslin, Trump is now committing the biggest crime that any politician can commit. It’s a much bigger crime than grand larceny, or fraud, or even election fraud.

The crime Trump is now committing at his rallies is that he’s become a total bore. And he’s become a bore because he’s no longer President and he’s not yet a candidate running to become a President. So, nobody really cares what he has to say.

And guess what? He has nothing to say.

You can get what a bore he’s become from just listening to how the crowd reacts to his speech. Some applaud when they’re supposed to applaud, but there’s no cheering, no ‘lock her up’ chants. Even when Trump did a little imitation of Joe forgetting a line, nobody really laughed. And when he told the crowd that the rally was being covered by lots of representatives from the ‘fake news,’ this line used to get a tremendous response – boos, catcalls – note I said ‘used to get’ a response.

The most boring part of his speech was when he told the crowd that they all needed to turn out in November to throw the radical leftists like Schumer and Pelosi “the hell out of Congress.” Trump always spices his public remarks up with some profanity because this shows his audience that he’s just like them.

Remember the real shocker when Trump referred to those ‘shithole’ countries in Africa during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway in January 2018? But even a statement so vulgar and ignorant is quickly forgotten when the person who made the remark keeps saying vulgar and stupid things again and again and again.

I used to find Trump’s mis-spellings on Twitter worth noticing, but at a certain point I lost interest in the fact that we had a President who evidently had the literacy level of a ten-year-old. Or at least was appealing to the ten-year-old crowd.

For that matter, Satueday night’s speech was so completely filled with the exact, same, catch-phrases that Trump has been using for the last six years that I found it interesting that he could appear focused on what he had to say. Illegal immigration, crime, economic collapse, Iran, North Korea – there wasn’t a single issue mentioned that was in any way described differently than the way Trump has trotted out his list of grievances in at least a hundred other rallies beginning back in 2015.

I’m not even sure why Trump needs a teleprompter on the stage. I could probably deliver his speech and not make any mistakes or leave anything out at all.

I missed the one new comment he made because it was at the tail-end of his 80-minute harangue and I had already flipped back to a movie on Netflix (which just raised its monthly fee by a couple of bucks, btw.) Evidently, Trump promised that if he were back in the White House, he would pardon all the ‘patriots’ who were being unjustly treated for participating in the riot on January 6th.

Talk about grasping at straws. This is about as stupid and as pandering as it gets. I thought that Marjorie Taylor Greene was doing her best to become the factotum of the farthest-Right, but Trump is now clearly aiming for that slot.

Why did all those people show up Saturday night to hear Trump say the same thing he’s been saying for the past six years? Because they wanted to have a good time. And they probably did. Good for them.

Trump filled more than 75 large arenas with crowds in 2019-2020 and he lost the election by only 7 million votes. Which is why I keep saying that I hope he runs again in 2024.

Can you imagine how stale and stupid he’ll sound when he gets up in two years and makes the same, boring, whining attacks on the ‘fake news?’

Know how many people watched Trump’s rally two weeks ago on Newsmax, which was the only media that carried his speech live? Try 1.5 million. Know how many people watched Joe’s first speech before Congress last April? More than 26 million – okay?

That’s what happens when you become a bore.

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1 Comment

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Jan 31, 2022

Don't trust the fake news reports. I've found it common (habitual) for them to be very misleading. I found this in an article talking about ratings:

"For the quarter, Fox News was way out in front in prime time, delivering a total audience of 2.176 million viewers. MSNBC was second with 1.463 million viewers, and CNN was third with 914,000 viewers—all according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen. In the key demo, Fox took first place in prime time with 347,000 viewers, followed by CNN (224,000 viewers) and MSNBC (198,000 viewers)."

So, if there are reports that Newsmax had a viewing audience of 1.5 million for Trumps dog and pony show...I don't believe it. That would be greater than MSNB…

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