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Think Trump's a Threat to Democracy? I Don't.

              Yesterday I came home to find a notice in the mailbox that the Post Office had not been able to deliver a letter because it needed a signature. So, today I went over to the P.O., signed for the letter, and opened it up.

              It wasn’t a summons, and it wasn’t a bill. It was a notice from the utility company informing me that they were going to be doing some light construction on property which abutted on my property and therefore they needed to inform all the ‘abutters’ that they were going to do this work.

              This letter, which I needed like I needed a hole in my head, was simply another example of how incredibly organized we are as a country. To state it simply: we are a country of laws. And not only are we a country of laws, but we are incredibly law-abiding.

              The United States is the only country in the entire world where you can drive from one end of the country to the other and drink tap water in the toilet at every stop. We are also the only country in which there isn’t a single piece of food sold in a public supermarket which doesn’t carry a label which says where the food comes from and the calories, vitamins, and minerals which the food contains.

              We are also the only country in which every, single drug sold as medicine in every, single pharmacy must be approved by a public health agency, and we are also the only country in the entire world which requires that all dairy products be stored at certain temperatures, so they don’t spoil.

              I live on a federal road – Route 202. This road was the original postal route linking the northern colonies from Augusta, Maine to Wilmington, Delaware. The road is paved every inch of the way, there is a sign identifying the highway at least once every mile, and the lanes are clearly marked by yellow strips which are repainted every couple of years. And by the way, when it snows during the Winter months, the road is cleared and plowed before I wake up.

              Not only do we take these accoutrements of modern life for granted, but we are the only country in the entire world where hundreds of other similar lifestyle features exist in abundance all over the place.

              Every time I read another member of the liberal digital echo chamber decrying the ‘threat’ to our democracy posed by Donald Trump, I think of what happened in Germany on January 26, 1933, when Hitler was named Chancellor and inaugurated the ‘thousand year’ Third Reich.

              When Hitler announced that he was appointed to run the government, tens of thousands of uniformed, armed men in his private army known as the SA began marching through the streets of every large and small city in Germany. Not only was the National Socialist German Workers Party (a.k.a., the Nazi Party) the largest political entity in the Reichstag (parliament) but the privately financed SA numbered some 250,000 men.

              How many men are enrolled in the MAGA militia? There’s no such thing. Does MAGA have a uniform which its members wear when they go marching through the street? They don’t have a uniform and they don’t march anywhere.

              Within a week after Hitler became Chancellor, he began talking to his inner circle (Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, et. al.)  abut his plan to extend the Reich through the rest of Europe because Germany’s economic development required more land. He then made good on this strategy by annexing Austria, Czechoslovakia, and marching the Wehrmacht into Belgium, Holland, and France.

              Where do you think Trump is planning to send the Proud Boys? Chevy Chase? Bethesda? They wouldn’t even get that far if they even made it up Wisconsin Avenue into Georgetown or up Georgia Avenue to Silver Springs.

              Which raises an interesting question. Remember how Trump claimed he had an ‘army’ of 50,000 who were going to get out the vote and also patrol polling places to make sure that all those mail-in ballots weren’t dumped in the trash can?

              An ‘army’ of 50,000. Yea, right.

              The three major groups which led the January 6th assault were the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and the Proud Boys. I assume these shitheads consider themselves to be the equivalent of Hitler’s SA or Mussolini’s Black Shirts. Together, maybe they number 10,000 members, although I suspect the number today is a lot less since some of them are those ‘patriots’ who are languishing as ‘hostages’ in jail.

              Here’s the bottom line, okay? Trump is about as much of a threat to our system of government because you don’t pose a threat to a government which can and would protect itself with F-35’s.

              I live about 30 minutes away from the Air Force Reserve station where the F-35 squadron protecting the Eastern Seaboard north of Maryland happens to be based. I’ll take them over the MAGA battalions any time.

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