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Time to Start Working for Joe.

Yesterday’s press conference demonstrated the degree to which the fake news media has entirely and totally collapsed as any kind of objective, news-gathering operation and is now just engaged in a battle with the alt-right media as to who can get more clicks by being as negative and nasty to Joe and Kamala as they can be.

I watched almost the entire news conference yesterday and what impressed me was the degree to which Joe has restored the White House’s relationship to the press back to where it used to be and should be.

First and foremost, the sparring and disagreements between the President and his questioners was polite. There were disagreements, digs and some verbal disputes, but the whole atmosphere was basically cordial and constrained, such as when a reporter from FOX asked why Joe was trying to “pull the country so far to the Left” and Joe just said, “I’m not. You guys are trying to convince me that I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m not.”

The question was stupid, it was loaded, it was nothing more than FOX being able to get a 30-second sound bite that they will now repeat on all their news shows as if it is a ‘fact.’ And that was the end of that.

Does anyone remember the so-called Trump news conferences which were aggressive, harsh, vulgar, and profane outbursts that never yielded any solid information at all? Try these exchanges between Trump and the media which were typical of the way he behaved.

Know why Joe has lousy ratings when the unemployment is down to 4 percent, the stock market is at an all-time high, none of our troops are engaged in combat anywhere and with the exception of some red states, the virus is slowly coming under control? Because the fake news media has decided that Joe is to blame for a so-called Rift between progressive and mainstream Democrats which has derailed his agenda and made it impossible for the Democrats to be competitive in 2022.

This is what I heard John King, CNN’s senior political correspondent say yesterday on his mid-day show. He said it again and again – Biden has failed. He hasn’t delivered on what he promised the American people. He’s what Grandpa would call ‘nisht gut’ (read: no good.)

According to King, Biden hasn’t delivered on global warming, gun control, social infrastructure, Medicare revision – all the hot-button issues which got him elected last year.

I was involved as much as any average American could be involved in the 2020 campaign, both in terms of how often I listened to a political commentary or gave some bucks. Want to know what was the only issue that got Joe more votes than Trump? He wasn’t Trump.

What the fake news media realized after Trump was elected in 2016 was that the ratings and the clicks depended on how much and how often you could say something negative about Trump. Now they are doing the exact, same thing to Joe.

Joe hasn’t delivered on his agenda? He only passed a $1.9 trillion rescue plan in March which sent $350 billion to states and localities and a $1.2 trillion ‘hard’ infrastructure bill to get a shovel into the hands of every construction worker in the United States.

When was the last time a President passed two major pieces of legislation a year after winning a national election? Try LBJ in 1965.

Granted, the testing rollout for Covid-19 could have been more aggressive and perhaps planned in a better way. But of the 10 states which last week registered the highest infection rates, 8 of those states happen to be red. And the fact that the GOP has made vaccination mandates into the phoniest political issue in my entire lifetime doesn’t count at all, right?

In Joe’s first year, the economy added 6.4 million jobs. For all his bluster and bullshit about making America ‘great’ again, Trump’s first year saw an additional 2.1 million new jobs. Joe has confirmed 41 federal circuit and district court judges, 80% being women. The last President to confirm that many judges to the federal bench was Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Enough, okay? It’s time the fake liberal media shuts the f*ck up, stops referring to themselves as being reporters of the ‘news’ and admit they’re happy driving Joe’s approval numbers into the tank.

But if they won’t shut the f*ck up you can shut them the f*ck up by watching a movie on Netflix instead of tuning into MS-NBC or CNN.

Tonight, you can tune into and help Joe keep a majority on the Hill next year and get started on the 2024 campaign.

Unless, of course, you’d rather have the response to the Covid managed by Rand Paul.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
21 ene 2022

I was so happy to hear President Biden say that he will run again in 2024 in his second news conference last Wednesday. I was even more pleased to hear he will have Vice-President Harris on his ticket. I'm so happy to hear this. The two have been doing a fantastic job in building this country back better. My heating bill went up 25% compared to the same month last year, but this is the price we all have to pay when we are building our country back better.

Support President Biden's team and contribute to his re-election campaign!

Me gusta
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