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Trump and Rudy Need Your Help$$

              It keeps getting better. It really does. We suffered through more than eight years of Trump bullshit and bombast and now the shoe is on the other foot. He and his few, remaining acolytes like Marjorie Taylor Greene can continue to warble about how the legal system has been ‘weaponized’ against him, but sooner or later, either he comes up with a lot of dough or off he goes.

              And by the way, Trump isn’t the only one who is facing some serious shit when it comes to counting the cash. Yesterday, his asshole buddy Giuliani filed his financial records for his The bankruptcy filing, and it turns out that basically he’s broke.

              Rudy claims to have $10.6 million in assets, but his total cash is $32,000 bucks. The rest of what he claims to own is the New York apartment which has been on the market now for more than six months and nobody’s made a bid. There’s also a property in Palm Beach allegedly worth $3.5 million which he might sell if he reduced the price by half.

              The rest of his so-called assets are such priceless valuables as his personal clothing, his watches and jewelry, a baseball uniform shirt allegedly worn by Joe DiMaggio, a 45-year-old Mercedes which probably doesn’t run, a couple of wide-screen TVs and a savings account containing $351 bucks.

              But here’s the real kicker. His list of assets also includes – ready? – an undisclosed sum which represents a possible lawsuit he could file against Donald Trump for unpaid monies which Trump said would be given to Rudy to pay some of his legal fees.

              I can just see it now. Trump sitting at the defendant’s table, Rudy sitting at the plaintiff’s table, both of them complaining about how the legal system has been ‘weaponized’ against them.

              You should know, incidentally, that when Trump started whining about the $83 million he now owes Jean Carroll for an assault which he claims never occurred, he even at one point said that the defamation case against him was the handiwork of Joe Biden. I wonder when Trump stands in front of a toilet bowl and the piss dribbles out whether he also blames ‘crooked Joe’ for the fact that he’s got the same swollen prostate that every guy over 75 has.

              Meanwhile, taken together, Rudy and Trump between them owe three women a total of more than $230 million simply because they can’t keep their friggin’ mouths shut.

              That’s what defamation’s all about, right? If you don’t like someone, you have three choices: (1). Keep your mouth closed; (2). say something about how you wish that person would behave in a different way; (3). make up some cock and bull story that will cause them to suffer real harm or grief.

              So, one of these two putzes is an attorney and the other has more attorneys surrounding him than Carter used to have Little Liver pills. Meanwhile neither of them can control themselves when the red light on the TV camera turns on.

              Not only will Trump have to let go of some cash, but he’s given Joe the perfect opportunity to frame his re-election campaign this year. Imagine an ad which has a clip from the Billy Bush interview with Trump bragging about groping women set alongside a banner with the $83 million he now owes Jean Carroll in big, red lettering, and then the voiceover says, “Do you want this man representing you for another four years?”

              Trump git away with the Billy Budd fiasco because he went on TV and delivered a very sober and decently subdued apology for his ‘locker-room talk.’ But what he did to Jean Carroll happened in a public space in a department store, behavior which cannot be condoned or excused.

              So, Trump’s screwed big-time and Rudy’s not far behind. Couldn’t happen to a nicer pair of guys.



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