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Trump Faces His Biggest Challenge and It Isn't the FBI of the DOJ.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in the slightest bit concerned to see Orange Shithead end up in an orange jumpsuit at Butner or better yet, the Super Max. But I also think that as usual, the Fake News may have gotten this whole Mar-a-Lago raid wrong.

My own theory is that the reason those boxes of ‘classified’ documents were sitting at Mar-a-Lago was because the day Trump moved out of the White House, like every day that Trump was in the White House, was just another day of mass confusion where nobody knew what was happening from one moment to the next.

And when you stop and think about it, if there’s one thing which marked the Trump Presidency more than anything else, it was the constant attempt to make it appear that OS had everything under control when in fact, nothing was under control.

This guy Trump wasn’t ready to lead the Executive Branch, not even close. He had no management experience of any kind. He built a brand by making deals and then someone else had to do the work.

And if it didn’t work? You made another deal.

And if Trump had no management experience, look who he surrounded himself with as the other managers of the Executive Branch. His son-in-law? His daughter? What kind of management experience did those two twerps have?

The biggest test Trump has ever faced in his business career is coming this week. It’s not what the Department of Justice finds when they go through those boxes of crap that the FBI took away during the Mar-a-Lago raid. It’s not what that drunk Rudy Giuliani says to the Grand Jury meeting in Atlanta. It’s not even what happens if his accountant, Allen Weisselberg, rolls over and cops a plea in New York.

The biggest test for Trump will come when Tiger Woods meets with the golfers who will be playing in this week’s PGA event, the BMW Championship that will take place starting Thursday in Delaware.

Note that the PGA has never scheduled a tour event at a golf course owned by Donald Trump. Note that the PGA withdrew its approval in 2021 to play the 2022 PGA Championship tournament at Trump’s Bedminster course. Note that Tiger Woods turned down as much as eight hundred million dollars to quit the PGA and join the phony LIV tour.

And who will find himself without a name tournament for his golf course empire when the LIV tour collapses and the professional golfers who bolted from the PGA beg to get their PGA cards back so they can rejoin the real golf tour?

You got it. Donald Trump.

The LIV tour will flop for the same reason that the United States Football League flopped three years after Trump bought the New York franchise in 1983. The league collapsed because they couldn’t get a TV contract and the same thing will happen with the LIV tour. You don’t do any professional sport in the United States without TV. You don’t.

From 1990 until 1996, the year Tiger joined the PGA Tour, overall winnings increased by roughly 3.4% a year, an amount which kept tour players slightly ahead of inflation. Tiger joined the tour in 1996, and from then until 2008, winnings increased 10% every year.

Tiger brought to the PGA tour what Trump can’t bring – corporate sponsors and fans. Can you imagine a golf tournament run by Trump with a bunch of jerks running down the fairway waving their MAGA flags?

Trump has stuck his name on all kinds of crap beside condos and hotels: steaks, wines, clothing, bottled water, deodorant, et, al. He had deals with 19 different companies in 2015, now most of that junk can be bought on eBay because the contracts weren’t renewed.

A licensing deal with a professional golf tour would vault Trump right back into the middle of things with an audience that represents the upper echelon of America’s middle class. But when a media personality who has been as beholden to Trump as Laura Ingraham goes on a podcast and says that maybe the POS/GOP needs to look for someone else, you know that OS may be starting to wear thin.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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