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Trump Is a New Political Culture.

              Here’s my scenario if Trump ends up as the GOP nominee and then wins the election and takes the oath again on January 20, 2025.

              In his inaugural address, he will announce a blanket pardon for everyone who has been indicted for having participated in the January 6th riot. He will also announce that no further investigations or indictments of January 6th ‘patriots’ will take place.

              The next day, Trump will walk into the Oval Office and sign an Executive Order which gives every federal employee a day off with pay every year on January 6th. He will then announce in his first Oval Office appearance that he will ask Congress to make January 6th a federal holiday which will officially be known as ‘freedom day.’

              A month or so later, Trump will unveil a new stamp from the USPS which commemorates January 6th and will show the crowd charging up the Capitol steps on one side, and the hangman’s noose which was going to be used on Mike Pence on the other.

              He will also, as soon as the weather gets nice, hold a large party on the White House grounds and invite everyone who was part of the January 6th mob to show up, all expenses paid. Of course, all the rioters who attend this joyful event will be given a medal which they can proudly wear, along with a decal for the rear bumper of their truck.

              In his speech at the event, Trump will refer to the ‘veterans’ of ‘freedom day’ as America’s ‘heroes’ who were willing to come to D.C. to fight for freedom on that hallowed day.

              Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

              If you haven’t figured out by now that Donald Trump’s entire approach to running the world’s largest corporation (a.k.a., the United States of America) consists of creating a daily media performance which will someday wind up as an HBO docudrama, then you haven’t been paying much attention to political goings-on over the past eight-plus years.

              This is a guy who without the slightest degree of political experience of any sort, has totally transformed the entire political culture of the world’s largest and second oldest continually operating democracy. Think about that one, okay?

              First, he created an entirely new ‘bully pulpit’ by using social media to get his message directly out to the public regardless of whether the traditional media operations (TV and radio) pay attention to him or not. Then, he upended the standard campaign approach based on these cute, little ‘candidate meets the typical American family in their living room’ setups by holding these huge, noisy rock-concert events.

              Finally, once he was in the White House, he couldn’t be bothered with holding an occasional, formal press conference where he answered a series of questions from the reporters who frantically waved their hands to compete for their fifteen seconds of fame. No - what Trump did was to create a lookalike South Lawn in a studio inside the White House and answer one totally contrived question as he pretended to be walking towards Marine One.

              This was the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest economy who when the economy looked like it might crater because of Covid-19, responded to the most serious public health threat the country faced in over a century by telling everyone that wearing a mask not only needed to be a personal choice, but was how you could demonstrate your fealty to the GOP. 

              Know what? Trump got away with all of this and the proof that he was able to build and sustain a national following lies in the fact that he’s running for another four years in the White House again.

              And this time, he’s not only way out in front of the other announced GOP candidates, but he’s also letting the other side pick up the entire tab for his campaign. How much do you think the American taxpayers have already spent getting him charged with 91 felony counts which has resulted in polls showing that most GOP voters believe he hasn’t done anything illegal or wrong?

              I love how the Fake News goes on and on about how Trump’s such a threat to democracy, right? He’s such a threat that I’ll bet you he’ll not only run his campaign from a jail cell in Butner or Danbury, but if he wins the election, the General Services Administration will have to build an entire West Wing inside the federal penitentiary (a.k.a., a federal ‘correctional institution’) where he’ll do his time sitting behind the Resolute desk which will be carted up from D.C.

              If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me break it to you gently, okay? Every federal agency is staffed and run by career officials who happen to be attorneys, by the way, because the United States happens to be a government run according to laws. And you don’t just tear up those laws the way that Hitler burned down the Reichstag in 1933.

              There’s something called Congress, there’s another thing called the courts, and both of these institutions are also replicated in every one of the 50 states.

              Want to know the real reason why Trump continues to be such an overwhelming presence in American political life? Because he’s the very first President who actually uses words like ‘shit’ and ‘asshole’ and deliberately forces the TV networks to bleep out words whenever he speaks.

              Meanwhile, my social security check arrived on time as it always does, and the Congress just made a deal to increase the national debt.



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