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Trump Isn't the First Gangster to Take the 5th.

So, it turns out that Trump-o is back in a New York courtroom this week and I don’t notice him calling for a turnout of his supporters at all. And I also don’t notice Marge Greene announcing that she’s going to come back to Gotham City and lead a big demo to support her guy.

Trump-o has to show up to be deposed in the lawsuit filed by New York State AG, Letitia James, which is hanging over his head. In fact, the lawsuit is not only hanging over his head, it’s also now going to become an actual trial on October 2nd, which is what this Thursday’s deposition is all about.

The last time Trump-o sat for a deposition in this case, he took the 5th some 400 times. That may have been the very first time that Trump-o kept his mouth shut in any public appearance since he walked down the staircase at Trump Tower in front of a group of rent-me-for-an-hour rallygoers and announced his Presidential campaign.

Back in 1951, when the McCarthyite stench was beginning to get out of control on Capitol Hill, the government decided to go after another threat known as ‘the mob.’ A Senate committee led by Estes Kefauver held a series of public hearings, one of which featured the testimony of Carlos Marcello, the 5-foot, 6-inch head of the New Orleans mob. Of course, his nickname was ‘the little man.’

Marcello’s testimony, delivered on January 25, 1951, consisted of taking the 5th Amendment 152 times. This may have been the all-time record for anyone refusing to incriminate themselves until Trump-o was deposed by this same, New York State AG’s office in 2022, when he stated his name and then took the 5th almost 450 times.

This time around, Trump-o may well take the 5th Amendment again. For all we know, he’ll continue to plead Constitutional protection if he’s called to testify in his trial later this year.

But it occurs to me that if Trump had shut his mouth a few times while he was President, he might have won re-election or at least avoided the kind of legal jeopardy that he finds himself in right now.

What kind of schmuck picks a fight with Jeff Bezos who totally transformed retailing in a country whose national economy is overly dependent on retail sales? What kind of jerk calls the guy – Anthony Fauci - who discovered the cause of AIDS a ‘liar,’ because Fauci didn’t go along with Trump-o’s bullshit about how the Pandemic was under control? What kind of asshole refers to ‘shithole countries’ in a comment made to the entire Cabinet of the United States?

And worst of all, what kind of complete and total moron talks about a public demonstration by a group of Nazis as not being so bad because there were ‘good people’ on both sides?

Who does Trump-o think we were fighting in World War II? The German American Bund?

The truth is that Trump never spends one second thinking about what he should or shouldn’t say before shooting off his mouth. Which is why after he’s convicted in his October trial that he’s going to lose his ability to operate any business in New York State.

Which raises a very interesting question which I haven’t seen any of the media coverage of this legal proceeding raise, namely, what happens to the properties owned by Trump-o in New York State if he’s convicted of flimflamming his tax returns and all those phony net worth statements he submitted in order to get all those bank loans?

In fact, Trump-o doesn’t actually own those condo buildings that carry his name. Those properties are owned by the people who invested in individual or multiple apartments before the luxury residences were even built. But he does own Trump Tower, which I can see being bought by some oil sheik from Bahrain who will rename the building Abu Adabi Tower or something like that.

Perfect, just perfect.

As some of Carlos Marcello’s contemporary Mafia guys would say – every dog has his day.

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