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Trump Just Can't Stop Being a Racist.

              This morning I posted a story in which I predicted that Trump would become even more disgustingly racist and extreme as the gap between him and Nikki Haley continues to become narrower as we head into the New Hampshire primary vote.

              Not only was a correct in my analysis, but I was correct, shall we say, in spades. Because not only has Trump now begun to refer to her as ‘Nimrada,’ which is a conscious mis-spelling of her birth name (Nimarata) but he has also begun to promote another version of his ‘birther’ attack on Obama, in this case saying that Haley’s parents weren’t yet citizens when she was born in the United States, thus making her ineligible to run for President

Now in fact, birthright citizenship has absolutely nothing to do with the status of the parents of someone who is an American citizen, as long as that individual was born in the United States. Why does Trump push out such an outright lie? Why not?

Believe it or not, I am pleased at the extent to which Trump is using a campaign narrative which is both racist and false, and I really hope that as the campaign goes along, that he becomes even more extreme in both respects.

What I want Trump to do is to eventually describe himself as the ‘white person’s candidate’ and the only hope that America has to maintain its white, racial dominance in the years ahead.

The reason I want Trump to dispense of even the slightest degree of rational, responsible talk is because the more he promotes himself as the leader of a movement to keep America as a bailiwick for only the Anglo-Saxon race, the more he guarantees that his campaign will go down the drain.

But even more important, as he becomes more disgustingly racist, stupid, and extreme, the more he forces everyone else in the GOP to either continue to support his dystopian view of race and ethnicity in the United States, or finally break with him and demand at least some degree of rational accountability during the course of the campaign.

Frankly, we may just have come to a fundamental flashpoint in the history of how our two national political parties deal with the issue of race, which became a fundamental part of the political agenda when Harry Truman integrated the federal workforce in 1948. And even though it was a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, who called federal troops into Little Rock, AK in 1957 to enforce integration of the city’s public schools.

But the political consensus about civil rights fell apart under Nixon, who promised Southern politicians in 1968 that he would ‘go slow’ on enforcing civil rights laws, which changed the South, politically speaking from blue to red, and created an almost unbreakable electoral foundation for the GOP.

Except nobody would have guessed in the 1970’s and 1980’s that Confederate states like Virginia and Georgia would begin sending Democrats to D.C. But in 2020, 11 of the 13 Confederate states still voted for Trump over Joe, and together these states count 146 electoral votes, more than half the number required to win the whole shebang.

As far as I’m concerned, the Democrat(ic) Party should fight tooth and nail in those Southern states because the more money, time, and energy the blue team invests in states below the Mason-Dixon line, the more Trump will become even more crazy, more racist, and more extreme in order to maintain his base.

The result of which will be another massive turnout of blue voters in swing states and another ass-kicking of Trump.

Trump loves to brag about how no sitting President ever got 74 million votes, which was his 2020 tally in the popular vote. But Joe got 16 fucking million votes more than what Hillary pulled in 2016 or what Barack was given in 2012.

I wouldn’t mind of Trump gets shellacked again in 2024, and as far as I’m concerned, he can take the rest of the GOP with him as well.


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