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Trump Just Keeps Getting Away with Fake News.

Whatever happened to all those wretched of the earth people who were stuck at the Texas border trying to get into the country from the South? Heard anything about them lately?

How about the desperate people we abandoned at the airport outside of Kabul who didn’t want to be oppressed by the Taliban? Whatever happened to all of them?

For that matter, how come the nightly news stopped showing us those homes flattened by tornadoes in Kentucky and Tennessee? Maybe all the houses that were destroyed two weeks ago have already been rebuilt.

And whatever happened to the great supply chain crisis? How come the shelves at my local Family Dollar haven’t been wiped clean?

The point is that the only story which has enough legs to remain a subject of daily media concern has been the Pandemic, and even that topic started slipping away until the Omicron variant showed up.

Except what I just said about the virus as being the one news story which hasn’t faded away is not really true. Because there’s another so-called news story which has continued to excite the media for more than twenty months, and that’s the topic known as ‘election fraud.’

When did Trump first start posting on social media about losing the election because votes were being stolen or lost? Try April 20, 2020, in a tweet which he then repeated more than 70 times over the next six months.

When did the lamestream media, or the fake news media, or the enemy of the people media start covering Trump’s complaints about how votes would be counted? From the day he first started ranting about this so-called problem, and they haven’t let up.

Even when they gave the tickets away, Trump and that other pussy-grabber, Bill O’Reilly, couldn’t fill any of the four venues in Florida and Texas where they staged an in-person love fest over the last couple of weeks. But that didn’t stop the media from mentioning again and again that Trump was still ranting about election ‘fraud.’

And here’s the biggest news scoop of all. Trump has announced, and its an announcement that has been picked up and repeated by the entire fake news media, that he will hold a press conference on January 6th to commemorate the day when American ‘patriots’ expressed their anger over the results of an election in which their votes didn’t count.

Let’s just spend a couple of paragraphs taking apart what the words ‘press conference’ means to Trump. The day after his inauguration (his first and only inauguration, by the way), he ordered his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to get up in front of the entire White House press corps and lie.

What did Spicer lie about? The size of the inauguration crowd. Trump demanded that the crowd be described as the ‘largest’ crowd ever to attend an inaugural event. And let’s not forget that idiot Kellyanne Conway, who told Chuck Todd that the White House often used ‘alternative facts.’

Granted, every public official will try to communicate with the public in ways that makes the official look good. But there’s a difference between slanting or emphasizing a story line and simply making it up. Which is not only how Trump communicated with the media every, single day, but he got away with it repeatedly because the media was willing and able to give him the benefit of every doubt.

I guarantee you that Trump’s performance on January 6th will be nothing more than a continued, completely false rant about how the 2020 election turned out. And if he’s asked any questions about the numerous lawsuits that have been filed against him, or the role he played in provoking the Capitol riot, he’ll lie about those issues as well.

Last month I cancelled my online subscription to The New York Times and The Washington Post because I couldn’t stand how both newspapers were disgracing themselves by the way they ‘reported’ the news. I was particularly pissed off at how the digital versions of both papers have become nothing more than op-ed bulletin boards so that readers will respond to the content and shoot their mouths off too.

My one regret is that when Trump refers to The ‘failing’ New York Times, that he’s just mouthing another lie again.

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1 Comment

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Dec 22, 2021

I've heard about the people stuck at the Texas border trying to get into this country and I don't care that in fiscal 2020, which ended on Sept. 30, there were 30,557 unaccompanied children being apprehended at the southern border. In the first few months of this fiscal year, the number is already at 29,010. This just doesn't bother me.

And as for the Americans who were left in Afghanistan, that doesn't bother me either. They were given time to get out.

The supply chain "crisis" doesn't bother me nor am I concern that the cost of gas for my car has gone up $1.14 in a year and my grocery bill has also increased.

All this doesn't bother me…

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