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Trump Needs To Man Up and Shut Up.

So, this morning we come back from a 4-day holiday weekend with the usual bad news about Joe Biden, gleefully announced by Donald Trump, the bad news being that Joe’s poll numbers continue to slide downwards and Trump is drawing huge crowds at his rally events.

The media is carrying a story about how Joe’s latest poll numbers show that only one out of three Gallup poll respondents have ‘confidence’ in the President, which proves that Trump will blow him away in 2024.

Except the Gallup poll is not exactly what Trump claims it shows, because the approve-disapprove monthly numbers have Joe exactly where he has been since mid-2021, with his approvals in the mid-40’s and his disapprovals in the mid-50’s, but meanwhile, his approval among Democrats remains at a steady 80%.

Trump keeps ranting about the ‘ruinous’ inflation and how the economy is in ‘shambles.’ Meanwhile, what he doesn’t say on word about is how all his loyal supporters from his White House days are now trooping into Jack Smith’s Grand Jury room and singing their hearts out and trying to cut their own deals.

If you want to see where Trump is at these days from a perspective other than what Trump is saying about himself, I suggest you take a few minutes to watch a really great video posted by the comic actor Michael Rapaport last week.

It’s a long performance, more than 18 minutes, but around the 11th minute, Rapaport goes into a bit about how Trump doesn’t know how to ‘take a pinch like a man,’ the way that Henry Hill kept his mouth shut in Goodfellas when he was first pinched by the cops for helping Jimmy Conway sell some hijacked cigarettes.

And Rapaport is totally and completely correct, because if you watch some of Trump’s speech at his Pickens rally, all he does is whine about himself. He’ll yell something about how the economy is in ‘shambles,’ and tell a couple of other fabrications about how America is no longer the ‘great’ country it was when he was in charge, but the bottom line is that he basically spends an hour complaining about how he’s still the victim of a witch hunt which is the handiwork of the Communists, Socialists and globalists employed by George Soros and the Deep State.

I went to a Trump rally in 2016 which was held in New Hampshire, right over the border from where I live in Massachusetts. What impressed in a rather bizarre way about the people who were around me is that all of them kept talking about other Trump rallies they had attended or were planning to attend.

I’m not saying that Trump doesn’t have a lot of support – he didn’t get 74 million votes in 2020 out of thin air. But most of those votes came from people who will vote the GOP ticket no matter who runs, in the same way that I always vote for the Democrat, even if it’s someone I can’t stand like Hillary or Bill.

The truth is that what’s keeping everyone interested in Trump is the fact that the so-called witch hunt is still going on. Jack Smith may have another indictment or two up his sleeve, the Grand Jury in Georgia is due to wrap up and maybe issue indictments over the next couple of months, and of course there are two trials already scheduled for 2024.

If it weren’t for all these legal contretemps, Trump would be guilty of committing the biggest crime that any politician can ever commit, which to quote my dear, late friend Jimmy Breslin, Trump has become a bore.

Does Trump really believe he can run another Presidential campaign against his chief opponent being a guy whose last name is Biden, even though Hunter is actually his first name? Does Trump have any idea that complaining about the ’fake news’ this time won’t even get him to first base?

The fact that Biden’s job approval numbers during his first term are really no different from Trump’s numbers during his first term (both in the low 40’s) basically means that neither party is producing leadership that anyone really likes. Which tells me that when all is said and done, a majority of Americans probably believe that it really doesn’t matter whether the country is run by the red team or the blue team.

The real question is this: Should I stand in line at Starbucks and pay three bucks for a cup of coffee, or should I run into my local convenience store and get the same thing for 95 cents?

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