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Trump & RFK: The Perfect Ticket!

The more I think about it, the more I like it. And what I’m thinking about is a dream ticket for 2024. Ready?

Trump and RFK, Jr, running together on a third-party line!

I’m serious. And it’s not only something that could happen. It should happen.

On Monday, Kennedy announced that he’s running as an ‘independent.’ And even though Trump-o is leading the entire GOP field by double digits in every primary, he keeps saying that he’s running ‘against’ the GOP, or at least that part of the GOP which doesn’t agree with him.

So, the first thing that those two guys need to do is come up with a new party label which they can use both during the campaign and after they take the Oaths of Office in 2025.

That’s right! The Vice President also takes an oath. And the VP also solemnly swears to defend the Constitution and all that other blah-blah-blah.

Forget MAGA as a new party label. Because you know that the Democrats will run endless campaign ads next year with pictures of those assholes who ran up the Capitol steps on January 6th waving their MAGA flags.

I got it! They can call themselves the Independence Party. After all, the only place where RFK-Jr. appears in public is in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. So, why not run a whole bunch of ads with him and Trump-o standing in front of that building and splash the party’s name across the screen?

Better yet, they should call their new Presidential campaign the Independent Party. Get it? They’re against both of the established parties, which is the whole point of their campaign.

What other ideas do these two guys share? First and foremost, they believe the United States is really going right down the drain. Not just burble-burble-burble down the drain, but one, big shlurp!

The reason for the country’s apparent demise is also an issue on which they agree, namely that the poor, working guy is getting screwed by those Deep Staters inside the Beltway who steal everybody’s hard-earned dough and give it away to the you-know-who’s.

Another thing that these two shitheads find themselves on common ground about is a profound loathing of Anthony Fauci who had the absolute audacity to reject the daily lies about the ‘Chinese flu’ being peddled by Orange Shithead, but has also been in the crosshairs of RFK-asshole for allegedly making millions off of patents for Covid-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, instead of promoting themselves as the leaders of the Independent Party, Trump-o and his running-mate should start something called the Conspiracy Party, which will guarantee them all the votes of every crackpot, dope, nut-job and retard (yea, yea, I know I’m being terribly incorrect) who believes the world really runs according to the prophecies of Julie Green, who broadcasts rants about how God has told her that a big attack is coming and the only ones who will be spared are members of her group and followers of MAGA and Donald Trump.

That’s the kind of company you keep when you peddle the idea that vaccinations are some kinds of patent medicine which only work because the liberal media and the Democrat(ic) Party want you to believe they work so that the Deep State can control your health and welfare almost from birth.

In this respect, RFK-Jr. may actually be a bigger asshole than Orange Shithead, but it’s a close call. The pundits are saying that RFK-Jr. is more of a threat to Trump-o than to Joe, all the more reason why these two guys should come up with their own political brand.

Which is what I really hope will happen because I am increasingly convinced that absent something occurring between now and next November that we can’t predict or imagine, Trump-o’s candidacy will spell the doom of the GOP. Or at least we’ll get rid of that whole bunch for a couple of years, and when you’re my age (79 y/o) playing for a few years is a lot of time.

Vote Trump – RFK!

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