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Trump's a Fascist Like I'm a Fascist.

              So, now there’s only seven weeks until the Iowa caucuses, and the latest RCP aggregate polls show Trump with a huge lead. In fact, it’s the largest lead he’s had over the rest of the field since the beginning of July.

              Trump also clings to a small lead, nothing more than a point or two over Biden, which means the 2024 national race is still up for grabs. But the bottom line seems to be that unless he isn’t in jail come next November, or even if he is, he could return as President in 2025.

              So, what do we get about all this unsettling news from the Fake News? We get an endless cacophony about the Fascist threat posed by Trump.

              The latest example comes from (where else?) The New York Times, and if it’s published in the paper which still says it publishes all the news that’s fit to print, it usually becomes the standard narrative and lexicon for the liberal side.

              Here’s the telling statement about how Trump plans to turn America into a Fascist state:  “…using the Justice Department to take vengeance on his political rivals, plotting a vast expansion of presidential power and installing ideologically aligned lawyers in key positions to bless his contentious actions.”

          It’s now 50 years since the last President who attempted to do all those things was kicked out of the White House and got his last free ride back to California to cool his heels. I’m talking about Richard Nixon, who was never called a Fascist by anyone, but committed all those Fascist-like behaviors ten years before the lead author of The New York Times article was even born.

              Using the Justice Department to ‘take vengeance’ on his political rivals? Ever hear of Nixon’s ‘enemies list’ and how he got the IRS to audit various personal tax returns?

              Plotting a vast expansion of Presidential power? When Nixon became President, the Cabinet consisted of 11 agency heads. When he left the White House and walked out to the chopper to take him to Air Force One and his home in San Clemente, the Cabinet had been enlarged by 4 new agency heads.

              Ideologically aligned lawyers in key positions? What President hired anyone who was opposed to what he was going to do in the Oval Office?

              But if Trump’s plans aren’t so different from Nixon (and FDR, by the way, whose list of political targets included the Supreme Court) the Fake News can always fall back on his rhetoric and stick in a quote from an academic who is considered to be an ‘expert’ on Fascism because she wrote a book about Mussolini.

              Here’s what she says: “There are echoes of fascist rhetoric, and they’re very precise.” What does that sentence mean? It doesn’t mean anything. Trump’s standard spiel also has echoes of rock lyrics and phrases he picked up in some working-class saloon in Queens. So what?

              I knew the Fake News would completely fuck up their coverage of Trump after he declared in 2015 and a few months later, Huffington Post announced they were moving coverage of Trump from the entertainment page to the political page. As if Trump did anything for four years except perform his ‘tough guy’ persona from The Apprentice on the Oval Office stage.

              This is a guy who played golf almost every other day, and when he wasn’t playing golf, he was entertaining people at Mar-a-Lago or flying to some airport in some red state, getting up in front of a crowd and tossing them MAGA hats.

              I am convinced that the Fake News doesn’t give one rat’s damn about Trump’s so-called Fascist ‘threat.’ What they care about are clicks on their websites which translate into advertising dough.

              The truth is that if Trump was honestly described as he really is, which is just another guy who would be leading the GOP pack no matter what he says, from a media perspective the 2024 campaign would be over before it starts.

              Trump's a Fascist? Give me a friggin’ break.



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