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Trump's Dream Legal Team.

You know we are getting sick and tired of the endless mention of the Trump gang when stories start to appear that are based on leaks from the investigations being run by Jack Smith. Because in a city where the daily news is based not on what happened but what someone told someone else as they were standing next to each other in the cocktail lounge at the Hays-Adams Hotel, the people working for Smith have been notoriously quiet about what they are doing and what they have done.

But even the cordon sanitaire that Jack Smith has erected around his group is now beginning to show some cracks with a Rolling Stone story which appeared this week about how Rudy was giving legal advice to the capo di tutti i capi when he was dead drunk. And if consigliere Giuliani was completely shit-faced when he was giving legal advice to the boss, then the boss can’t defend himself by saying that all he was doing was following some good legal advice.

Rudy’s alleged drinking problem also then becomes a defense for his own behavior and activities in the Trump borgata because he wasn’t consciously trying to help his caporegime break the law. Incidentally, if you want some help understanding all those Italian words, just spool up Godfather I or Godfather II. The big joke going around the street when those movies were playing in theaters wasn’t figuring out which Mafia don was being played by Marlon Brando; it was to guess which mafioso was playing Brando in those films.

Anyway, now back to Rudy and his drinking problem if that’s what he has.

I not only lived in New York during the years that Rudy was orchestrating his perp walks for the Wall Street guys and the heads of the Five Families who got in his way. If he was as steadfast a crime-buster as he always claimed to be, he would have also put the cuffs on his buddy Bernard Kerik, who everyone knew was a crook, but Rudy promoted him instead.

In any case, in all the years that I was aware of Rudy first as a prosecutor, then as America’s Mayor, then as a brief Presidential candidate in 2008, there was never any talk about a drinking problem, nor did he ever appear shit-faced in any of the numerous public appearances which got him on New York TV news at least once every week.

The first time the media started carrying stories about Rudy showing up drunk for White House meetings was right after the 2020 election when he allegedly staggered around the Oval Office as returns were coming in and gave Trump advice about the vote which made no sense at all.

What we don’t know, however, is how, when and where the whole election ‘fraud’ scheme was hatched, which Giuliani announced at the bizarre press conference outside the Four Seasons lawn-care company in Philadelphia on the Saturday following the Tuesday vote.

Wait- it gets better.

Less than two weeks after the crazy event across from a porno shop in Philly, Rudy, Sidney Powell and a third lawyer, Jenna Ellis, held a press conference at RNC headquarters in D.C. and announced they had formed a – ready for this one? – ‘elite strike force’ to organize all the legal challenges against Joe.

This elite team crumbled three days later when Rudy and Ellis kicked Powell off the team, because once Powell got herself in front of TV cameras and microphones, she said things that even Donald Trump found too crazy to defend. Powell’s the one, you may recall, who said the election was rigged because voting software was used that had been used to scam votes in Venezuela.

Ellis, you should know, had been hired by Trump as a senior legal adviser. Whenever she was interviewed by the Fake News, she referred to herself as a ‘Constitutional law attorney,’ although this former deputy district attorney from a red county in Colorado had never been involved in a single, federal law case in her entire professional life. She was primarily responsible for administering the Weld County traffic court but also published a book on how Christians should understand the Constitution which reads like something right out of Oral Roberts or CTN.

The real question Jack Smith and his team should be asking is not whether Trump listened to Rudy or Rudy listened to Trump. The real problem they should be trying to figure out is how does the President of the United States come to depend for legal advice about anything from this group of fools?

Taken together, Rudy, Sidney and Jenna couldn’t work their way out of a legal paper bag. Will they come up with a plan to work their way out of jail?

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