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Trump's 'Fascism' Is Really Getting Boring.

              If I had a nickel for every liberal pundit or influencer who has called Trump a Fascist, or an authoritarian, or some other word which means that Trump doesn’t believe in democracy, I would have to go to work on Monday and every other day.

              Now if a political opponent of Trump wants to engage in name calling that’s fine. But you would think that the pundits who write and report for the Fake Media would take it upon themselves to inject a bit of reality into the current debate.

              Because if anyone of these so-called political experts would take the trouble to go back to college and read their class notes from Political Science 101, they would quickly learn that there is not example in Western history of someone who won a democratic election and then declared that there wasn’t going to be another election in that county ever again. Not one, okay?

              Hitler’s Nazi Party held the largest number of seats in the Reichstag after the 1932 elections, but Hitler was named Chancellor to break a deadlock because neither the National Socialists nor any other party had received a majority of the votes. Mussolini was named Prime Minister after he showed up in Rome leading an armed force of some 30,000-armed men, and threatened to overthrow the government if his demand to take over and run things was spurned.

              As for those schmucks who ran up the Capitol steps on January 6th and then paraded through the building waving their Confederate and MAGA flags (which are basically the same thing), they were about as ready to overthrow the government and risk losing their bennies as the man in the moon, okay?

              For all the talk about how the Deep State is trying to turn America into a ‘socialist’ country or worse, the United States happens to have the highest percentage of its national workforce – 15% - on a government payroll of any advanced nation-state.

              Know what’s the largest job category right now in California? Try school bus driver, okay? And most of the money that gets paid out to state and local-government workers also come from the feds, thanks to revenue-sharing, which was a fiscal device invented by a Republic(an) President named Richard Nixon.

              But why let facts stand in the way of opinions or spieling, right?

              I live on a street named for Daniel Shays, a farmer who led a two-year rebellion against the federal government in 1786. The rebel band was quickly dispersed when President Washington called out the local militia and that was the end of that.

              Sorry folks, but the Civil War wasn’t an insurrection, because by the time that Fort Sumter was bombarded in 1861, the rebels were now an army under the control of an independent country – the Confederate States of America – which already had a Constitution, a President, a Congress, and a Supreme Court.

              Know why Trump keeps making statements which make It sound like he’s another Mussolini or Hitler in drag? Because the crazier he sounds, the more coverage he gets from the Fake News, and the more coverage he gets from the liberal media, the more he can build his brand and sell his shirts and hats.

              When was the last time before Trump that any Presidential candidate showed up at a trade show and announced a ‘new line’ of sneakers for $300 a pop?

              I wish I could join in the parade of liberal pundits celebrating how we will become a dictatorship if Trump wins the Presidential election later this year, but I just can’t. Hitler persuaded a majority of Germans that his plan to ‘save’ the country would work because things in Germany were in a terrible state. Millions of Germans saw their entire financial circumstances wiped out literally overnight and it wasn’t as if the country had an unemployment rate of under 4%.

              But if you want to keep worrying about how Trump will announce the dissolution of Congress in his 2025 inaugural speech, go right ahead.

              I’m going to quit writing this column, post it, and drive down to my local Panera and get a medium coffee for $4.25.




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