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Trump's Last Stand: The Convoy.

              The real question is this: What am I going to write about when Donald Trump goes down the tubes? And if you don’t think he’s beginning that long slide right now, take a look at a new poll just published by Quinnipiac, which has him 6 points behind Joe.

              This poll was taken right after the jury awarded Jean Carroll $83 million which has to come out of Trump’s pocket, and he has to fork over the money before all his appeals run out.

              Put this news alongside that old Billy Bush tape which Trump claimed was only ‘locker room talk’ and without anything else, this is enough to sink the Trump campaign so far below the bottom of the sea that even those 10,000 lawyers sitting there on the ocean bottom won’t be able to help him out.

              I said it in yesterday’s story, and I’ll say it again. Trump took the narrowest campaign victory since Bush beat Gore in 2000 and turned it into a national ‘movement’ which was going to remake America in a way that had never previously been achieved.

              That’s fine except for one little thing. When all is said and done, as long as we continue to decide who will sit in the Oval Office based on how many votes a candidate receives, you can play that ‘election fraud’ song once but you can’t play it again.

              And if you think that all the ta-ra-ra over the so-called phony election is making a difference in how people think about Trump, the so-called border ‘crisis’ is playing out exactly the same way.

              Yesterday, one of the alt-right media channels, News Nation, ran an interview with one of those schmucks who claims he is on his way to join the trucker’s convoy which is rolling across America to wind up at the Texas border to help secure America from all those illegals coming into our beloved land.

              What News Nation ran was an interview with some guy who was driving down a highway in his SUV and claimed he was joining the convoy to bring America ‘back together’ again.  He further explained that the good news about the convoy was that it was an opportunity for Protestants and Catholics to celebrate their common beliefs.

              Duhhh…what about the Jews, the Muslims, the non-believers?  I guess they don’t count.

              This country has always had a population which doesn’t trust the government, even though it also happens to be the advanced country with the largest percentage of its population on public payrolls of any country in the OECD.

              But it’s not that these idiots don’t trust government per se. What they don’t trust is when the government is being run by liberals or Democrats, which is the same thing. And they don’t trust liberals, in fact, they really don’t like liberals for the simple reason that it’s those fucking libs who want to give women and blacks and non-white immigrants the same thing that only white men should have.

              When women started getting paid the same hourly wages as men and when you couldn’t say the n-word in any public space (or most public spaces) I wondered what the alt-right, white population would come up with to hate. Because the whole point of being white is that you can look down at everyone who isn’t white – something white people have been doing since white Europeans began going into the non-white parts of the globe to steal everything they could get their hands on and ship it home for free.

              In most of the places that whites invaded they stole natural resources like commercial crops and food. But when they went into Central Africa, they also stole human beings and shipped them over here.

              How come the Brits didn’t bring African blacks back to their home country? How come they didn’t use slaves to work for them the way slaves were made to work for them in the North American colonies which eventually became the U.S. of A?

              And by the way, in case you’ve forgotten, that wonderful document known as the Constitution which the alt-right supporters claim to be protecting from foreigners and home-grown liberals alike, was a legal document which enshrined both the notion and the reality of slavery in every, single state.

              So, let’s cut the bullshit once and for all, and tell it like it really is. You don’t need to pass an IQ test to get a driver’s license because if you did, none of those truckers would be on that convoy today and nobody would be driving to the next political rally held by Donald Trump.

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