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Trump Vs. The Deep State: Who Wins?

Here’s the worst-case scenario for the next couple of years.

The POS/GOP clobbers the blue team in November, they regain both the Senate and the House, Trump claims that the election is completely due to his endorsements, and he announces for 2024.

The progressive Democrats spend two years blaming Biden for screwing things up, they don’t pay attention to the swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and several others, Orange Shithead (OS) squeaks to another ‘landslide’ win in 2024 and is inaugurated as the 47th President in 2025.

Once he gets back into the Oval Office, OS will have a plan in front of him to do what he has always promised to do, which is to fire 50,000 full-time civil service federal employees and finally get rid of the Deep State. You can read the details in a 3,000-word article published by Axios and is now making the rounds of the Fake News.

This plan is the handiwork of the usual alt-right flotsam and jetsam that have been hanging around Trump since he began thinking about a Presidential run back in 2012. Some of them became official or unofficial advisers to the campaign in 2015, others began developing organizational ‘America First’ efforts, which is nothing more than MAGA by another name.

Much of the strategy behind this effort can be found in an Executive Order signed by OS in October 2020, an Order that was quickly rescinded by Joe in 2021. Here’s the crucial wording from this plan: “Career employees in confidential, policy-determining, policy‑making, and policy-advocating positions wield significant influence over Government operations and effectiveness. Agencies need the flexibility to expeditiously remove poorly performing employees from these positions without facing extensive delays or litigation.”

Apparently, the alt-right denizens who are going to help guide OS through a 2025 transition are busily examining all the positions which currently exist in every federal agency, making lists of positions which ‘yield significant influence’ within each agency and starting to identify individuals who might come into an agency and push the government’s direction in an ‘America First’ way.

This new cadre of government employees will first and foremost be loyal not to the stated requirements of the agency in which they will occupy a desk, nor will they have to worry about such silly and useless things as relevant laws, regulations or for that matter, what the Constitution says. They will be hired and then their performance will be evaluated based on their loyalty to Trump.

That’s how Trump runs his privately-owned business. Why should the government be managed any differently than that?

Sounds like a plan. Except there’s only one problem. And this problem wasn’t mentioned in the Axios article at all.

The problem is that even if OS gets elected in 2024 and inaugurated in 2025, what we will end up with is a Chief Executive who will spend about as much time revamping federal agency personnel on anything else he does besides watching TV and playing golf.

The only President in my lifetime who was as unwilling/unable to put in an honest day’s work, or even half a day’s work was Ike. Which is why it didn’t really matter when he suffered a massive heart attack during the third year of his first term. There was really no change in his work schedule just because he was no longer in the Oval Office but was a patient at Walter Reed.

If you were to sit down face-to-face with Donald Trump and ask him to explain how the Deep State has screwed things up, first you’d get a blank stare. Then he would mumble something about ‘not protecting the border’ or NATO being obsolete, or something else like that. Then OS would go back to watching TV.

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I’ll try to break it to you as gently as I can. This guy’s Presidential term was an exercise in daily posturing for the media which had nothing behind it beyond helping his friends feed themselves at the federal trough.

In June 2017, OS nominated Lynn Patton to head the New York office of HUD. Know what her creds were in housing and urban administration? She catered Eric Trump’s wedding.

Get it? Good.

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