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Trump vs. the GOP: Who Wins?

So, we now have Trump putting the idea out there that he is thinking of announcing a 2024 campaign before we even vote in 2022. By the way, it should come as no surprise that other POS/GOP Presidential wannabees don’t think it’s such a bright idea.

But I happen to think a 2024 campaign announcement by Trump is not only what he should do asap, but I’m surprised he’s put it off this long. And here are the reasons why.

First, he’ll be running not only against other Presidential hopefuls, but against the POS/GOP, which is what he did in 2016. Remember ABT Anyone But Trump?

Second, he’ll be the only candidate on either side who won’t try to keep his distance from the gang that invaded the Capitol on January 6th. To the contrary, he’ll promote those schmucks as ‘patriots,’ and invite them to join his campaign.

Finally, and most important, he’ll do whatever it takes to get himself indicted as early as possible in his campaign. Because if you think that Trump is worried or scared about going on trial for inciting an insurrection, then you don’t know Donald Trump.

This is a guy whose entire business career can be summed up in three words: not risk averse. How many casinos did he bankrupt? Remember the United States Football League? What about Trump Air? Even that so-called social media network, Truth Social, is a complete flop.

Trump knows one thing and he practices this one thing very well: Better to get yourself mentioned in the media every day no matter what they say about you than not getting mentioned at all.

I can just see what will happen if he’s indicted, tried, convicted, and sent up to Otisville for a couple of years. The media camped outside the prison will quickly become the state’s third largest city after Buffalo and New York.

Think I’m serious? You’re goddam right I’m serious.

If Trump waits to announce until after the November election, then he’s just another candidate doing what they all do when the big chase begins every four years. But if Trump announces now, he’s got the playing field all to himself and all the other guys have to play catch-up from the moment they start their campaigns.

So, those are all the reasons why Trump should want to start his 2024 campaign right now. But there’s also a reason I want him to announce his campaign sooner rather than later, which is this: if he’s the POS/GOP candidate in 2024, he’s going to lose. And that’s the reason I want him in the race, okay?

This is a guy who has run for President twice and lost both times. Yea, yea, I know he won in 2016, but that’s only because nobody came out for her (the unmentionable ‘her’) in the three blue states (MI, PA, WI) that he flipped by 1/10th of one percent of the total votes in those three states.

And what’s Trump’s message going to be in 2024? That the election is going to be stolen from him again – as if anyone’s going to care.

What the Fake News still doesn’t get is that Orange Shithead doesn’t enter a Presidential contest because he wants to win. He does politics the way he does everything else – he wants to make a buck.

And every time someone buys a MAGA hat or a MAGA t-shirt or a MAGA lawn sign, Trump makes a buck. Public service? As Grandpa would say, ‘arois gevorfen gelt,’ (read: pissing money down the drain.)

I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate Independence Day than to remind everyone that what really makes the United States a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world is that it’s so easy to make a buck.

God bless America. God bless making a buck. God bless Donald Trump.

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