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Trump & Walker: Down the Tubes!!

I’m going to make two predictions for tomorrow, okay?

Prediction #1: Walker is going to get his rear end kicked in.

Prediction #2: If you think Trump has started to make statements that are totally and completely loony tunes, like how we have to junk the Constitution, to quote Aunt Florence, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

By the way, these two predictions are linked to one another, and here are the reasons why.

Walker’s going to get the schneid because he has totally and completely demonstrated that he never had any business being a candidate for any political office, never mind being a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat.

What Walker demonstrated throughout the campaign is that he has absolutely no interest in public service, nor does he even seem to understand what being a public servant is all about. For one thing, this guy didn’t just make up a few, little stories about himself. He told such whopping lies that there was no way he wouldn’t get caught.

I’m not talking about how he tried to hide the fact that he couldn’t be bothered to wear a condom when he was having sex. To me, a much more egregious lie was his claim that he graduated from college when in fact he quit the University of Georgia to play in the USFL. He not only claimed to be an alumnus, but said that he graduated in the top one percent of his class.

When Walker was challenged about his college experience in an interview on FOX, he admitted that he hadn’t graduated but then – ready for this one? – insisted that he never said he had earned a college degree, even though he made the statement about graduating in the top one percent on at least two occasions in 2017.

Walker’s campaign website also originally put up a graduation statement but after the FOX interview which aired in May, the website content was scrubbed away.

It figures that a guy who lies with such abandon as Walker would be promoted in politics by Donald Trump. After all, Trump has elevated lying to a new standard in public life.

Along with lying, Trump has also now begun to make statements which are so far beyond any connection to reality that one might be tempted to assume that he’s really lost his mind. What other possible explanation can anyone put forward to explain why Trump would make a public statement about ‘terminating’ the Constitution of the United States?

I’ll give you another reason which not only explains that crazy statement but, as I said earlier, underscores my prediction that there’s even crazier stuff from Trump coming down the line.

Trump didn’t run for President because he had any kind of desire to be a public servant at all. He ran for President to advance himself in the burgeoning world of social media, which he knew would help him grow the Trump brand.

If Trump had the slightest degree of commitment to public service and public affairs, he would have known that what he shouted out on Twitter every day needed to have some degree of alignment with reality. But everything he said – the cursing, the conspiracy theories, the racism – was part of a package which he developed to help sell his name. Note the use of the word ‘sell.’

This is the reason why his tweets and truths have not only become more extreme but will get even crazier and more bizarre over time. Because how else can Trump continue to sell himself to the social media audience when he no longer has the Bully Pulpit and when it comes to 2024, he’s just another face in a growing crowd?

Which happens to be the same reason why Herschel Walker continues to say things that someone running for a U.S. Senate seat just shouldn’t say. Walker has no ambitions to serve the public – he’s just a guy who happened to be in the right place at the right time when the Georgia GOP needed someone to bolster the party’s stance against a growing blue wave.

Georgia used to be a rock-ribbed, Confederate state. Georgia’s now a state which is ‘in play.’ Georgia is also the 8th-largest state, population-wise, of all 50 states. Together, the 7 more populous states represent 44% of all the seats in the U.S. House.

So, what happens in any Georgia election sends large ripples through the national political pond. But these elections also serve to give guys like Trump and Walker an opportunity to promote their brands.

On Wednesday, Walker will go back to being an ex-jock whose brand didn’t sell. And the Trump brand will be sitting all by itself on the GOP’s Georgia shelf.

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