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Trump Would Be the Perfect Speaker!

Every morning I go online and the first thing I check is what stupid thing some member of the GOP said since last night. And this morning, they exceeded all my expectations when I read that a GOP idiot from Texas (what do expect from Texas?) named Troy Nehls is going to nominate Orange Shithead to be the next Speaker of the House.

Two other members of the GOP House caucus have also indicated that they are considering Trump to be the Speaker and if we’re lucky, the virus will spread, and I can only hope that the entire Democrat(ic) caucus will vote to put Trump in the Speaker’s chair.

Knowing Trump and I have known him since he was putting up real estate projects in New York back in the 1980’s, he will not only accept the nomination, but if he’s elected, he’ll pledge to be Speaker even if he’s in jail. After all, if Orange Douchebag is sitting in Butner or Danbury, he can always gavel the House into session by having the guards put a Zoom connection I not his cell.

Or better yet, the Bureau of Prisons can build a cell for him across the Anacostia River in Saint Elizabeth’s mental hospital, and hopefully his space can be the same space where Ezra Pound was incarcerated after World War II for having publicly promoted Mussolini and Hitler during the war.

If you think that there are parallels between Ezra Pound and Donald Trump, history is really repeating itself when you compare the current political pyrotechnics of Matt Gaetz to the performance of Newt Gingrich in the House, who was a non-name back-bencher from Georgia until he engineered the collapse of Jim Wright as Speaker and was named the GOP Whip in 1989.

For the next five years, Gingrich built a political machine both inside and outside the beltway, including the beginning of a conservative caucus in the House which would serve as his powerbase when he was elected Speaker following the GOP’s seizure of the House majority in 1994.

The GOP won the off-year election in 1994 because Gingrich effectively nationalized the campaign by getting all GOP candidates for House seats to support a strategy which was known as the ‘Contract with America,’ which promised all kinds of procedural changes within the House even though with their majority the GOP was basically unable to carry out any of these so-called reforms.

So, yesterday I was watching the vote that would dump McCarthy and Gaetz was the last speaker before the roll was called. What did he say? He pronounced the idea that if McCarthy was replaced, the House could initiate a series of procedural reforms which – ready? – sounded right like the ‘Contract with America’ writ large.

I’m not saying that Gaetz stole the ideas word for word from Gingrich, but when I heard Gaetz say ‘transparency,’ I knew we were going right back to 1994.

Except since history repeats itself but always with some differences from what happened previously, the big difference this time is represented by an op-ed sent to me yesterday by my sister, who subscribes to the Washington Post. And who wrote an op-ed for the WaPo condemning Gaetz’s assault on McCarthy?

None other than Newt Gingrich, that’s who!

Gingrich wants Gaetz expelled from the GOP House caucus because his assault against McCarthy is “destroying the House GOP’s ability to govern and draw a sharp contrast with the policy disasters of the Biden administration.” Furthermore, according to Newt, “McCarthy and House Republicans should be focused on cutting spending in appropriations bills. Republicans should be focused on advancing their impeachment inquiry into President Biden. They should be pursuing and amplifying immigration policy changes to address the wildly out-of-control southern border.”

If anything, Newt’s analysis of the current situation rests on an assumption about the current GOP which is even more out of this world than the idea that Donald Trump should become the next Speaker of the House.

The reality is that the GOP doesn’t have a coherent or workable policy for the Southern border, the only spending they ever want to cut are entitlements for the poor, and to refer to the nonsense coming out of the so-called impeachment inquiry as reflecting the GOP’s ability to ‘govern’ is as crazy as the World War II behavior of Ezra Pound.

I’m telling you – the absolutely best thing that could happen to the Democrat(ic) Party as we gear yup for 2024 is the People’s House being led by a true Man of the People like Donald Trump.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

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