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Wait and See! Trump Will Win Another One for the Socialist-Communist Democrats.

Ask yourself this question: What would be going on right now if we hadn’t stolen the from Trump? And if you think I give one rats’ damn whether we actually stole the election, you’re completely wrong. And by the way, all the states passing those so-called ‘election integrity’ laws, which are basically nothing more than bringing back the poll tax under a different name, would vote for the RDF-GOP anyway, so who cares?

If you didn’t see last Friday’s blog, by the way, RDF means real dumb – to hell with it. You can figure out what the ‘f’ means.

Want to know what would be going on if Trump was sitting in the Oval Office and pretending to be in charge of the Executive branch? You can get a pretty good idea by listening to the remarks he made Saturday evening at the rally in Georgia where he spent the better part of an hour complaining about how everything he accomplished has been messed up by the RINO members of his own political party making deals with Communist and Socialist Democrats both in Georgia and D.C.

Know why Putin invaded Ukraine? Putin knows that Biden is a wimp because of how he ran away from Afghanistan. Know why the streets of Democrat cities are now running with blood? Because the Southern border, which was the most secure it has ever been under Trump, has now become even worse under Biden. And what about those gasoline prices? Nine dollars a gallon? Ten dollars? More?

The only reason any of this is happening, the only reason that “son-of-a-bitch Chuck Todd” (a direct quote from Trump) gets on television and like the rest of the fake news lies like hell about how bad things are is because those “damn RINOS” are letting all the achievements of Trump and his MAGA movement slip away.

That’s the spiel and it looks like you’ll be able to hear it at least once a week from now until the November vote. Because Trump is doing what he does best, which is to get up in front of a crowd and tell everyone who doesn’t agree with him to go to hell.

I also noticed that he slipped the word ‘MAGA’ back into his speech even though the new name of his so-called ‘movement’ is SAVE AMERICA.

Too bad Trump’s no Ross Perot who got almost 20 million popular votes in 1992 but on the electoral count got zilch. I never thought that Trump was ever concerned about either the RDF-Republic Party or starting another political party. He was never a party guy. It was and is still only about Trump.

Here we are, three days away from the end of March and his promised social media platform is still going nowhere fast. Nobody seems to be using it, not even Trump.

As for Trump’s value on the campaign trail, he went down to Georgia to help David Perdue run against Brian Kemp, but Trump’s endorsement of Kemp hasn’t changed poll numbers which show Perdue running ten points behind in that race.

Nobody who goes to a Trump really cares whether what he says is true or maybe not so true. Know where all those cities are located with the streets that are running with blood? Eight of the ten states with the highest per-capita murder rates happen to be states that voted for Trump.

As for the whole issue of election fraud, the only politician who keeps talking about it, and he went on and on about it Saturday night, is Donald Trump. Most Americans are more concerned about what they have to pay for a gallon of gas than whether votes are counted properly or not.

The last time Trump showed up in Georgia, he created a fundraising opportunity for the Democrats and it looks like it happened again this past week. Right now, the sitting Governor, Brian Kemp, is facing a much more serious challenge from Stacey Abrams on the Democratic side than from that dip-shit David Perdue.

But none of that matters to Donald Trump because he’s doing today exactly what he did when he was occupying the Oval Office – giving an interview to some ass-kissing media like Fucker Carlson, planning some business scam with his sons or getting out on the golf course to play through a round and only count two putts on each hole, never more.

Like Joe said last week, he and I both hope that Trump will be his opponent in 2024.

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