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We Need to Keep Trump and MAGA Around.

If Trump makes an announcement tonight that he’s a candidate for President in 2024, the one immediate result will be to kill any chance his asshole buddy Herschel Walker has to get elected to the Senate in his runoff against Raphael Warnock next month. I say this because just about every time Trump gets heavily involved in a contested Senate or House race, never mind when he runs for President himself, his involvement tends to bring out more voters for the other side.

This morning I was listening to one of the AM shock jocks trying to find some silver lining in last Tuesday’s results, and he began gloating about the fact that in all the Congressional races put together, the GOP got more total votes. It turns out that of the 36 House races in which only one major party put a candidate on the ballot, 24 of those races were in districts where a GOPcandidate ran unopposed.

No wonder the total national Congressional vote was higher for the GOP. And many of these GOP winners were endorsed by Donald Trump. And this makes his 80% winning endorsement rate such a big deal?

The first newspaper job that A. J. Liebling got in the 1930’s was as a copywriter in the Sports Department of The New York Times. His job was to make sure that the box score for all the high school basketball games included everyone’s name, both the players and the referees.

There was simply no way that some kid calling into the newspaper with the results of a game between Taft and Evander High Schools in The Bronx could get the correct names of the referees, if the kid even remembered that the box score was supposed to include those names. But Liebling was under strict orders to make sure that the information for each game was complete. After all, The New York Times is the newspaper whose masthead reads ‘All the news that’s fit to print.’

So. whenever Liebling found himself editing a box score which didn’t include the ref’s name, he put down that the referee was named Ignoto, which happens to be the Italian word for ‘unknown.’

He actually got away with this deception for a couple of weeks until one day an editor happened to notice that a guy named Ignoto refereed a game in Brooklyn and another guy with the same last name called a game in The Bronx. Liebling was sacked the next day.

I’m beginning to think that maybe the GOP can resolve its current dilemma of whether or not to be the MAGA party or to be less extreme, by taking a page from Liebling’s experience and only allowing its Congressional candidates to promote a MAGA narrative if and when GOP candidates run unopposed.

On the one hand, such an approach will allow Trump to believe he’s still building a serious, political movement, while the GOP can get back to being competitive in states where they weren’t able to rig the outcome by gerrymandering the vote.

Take a state like Wisconsin, which was for Trump Ejemplo Numero Uno for how the 2020 election was stolen from him. The state has eight Congressional districts, and last week six districts voted to send the GOP candidate to D.C. But the Democratic candidate for Governor, Tony Evers, won re-election with more than half the statewide vote.

There are also certain Congressional districts, like the 14th C.D. in Georgia, where the Republican brand is so strong that it really doesn’t matter whether the Democrats run a candidate or not. Know who represents Georgia’s 14th C.D? You guessed it – Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I have to assume that the drinking water in the GA 14th C.D. has some kind of toxin which doesn’t create cancer like the water those poor bastards drank at Camp LeJeune but does contain something which keeps you healthy and makes you dumb. Maybe the GOP should also allow its standard-bearers to push the MAGA line in districts where stupid is normal, and intelligent is the extreme.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in the slightest bit prejudiced against the population whose IQ (shh … don’t say that too loud) puts them on the right side of the bell curve through no fault of their own. The dummies deserve to be represented in D.C. along with everyone else.

And Donald Trump should certainly be encouraged to continue building his so-called political movement by ranting against the Communists, the Socialists, the RINOS, and now he can add everyone named Ignoto to his list.

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