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We Really Need to Keep Trump Around. We Really Do.

So, now that the mid-term dust has almost settled and the smoke has almost cleared, the question is this: How do we keep schmuck-o Trump afloat for the next two years so that the 2024 election will put the Democrat(ic) Party back in control of the House, maintain the Democrat(ic) majority in the Senate, and keep Joe or his anointed successor in the Oval Office for another four years?

The speech Trump-o gave the other night was so pathetic that the biggest story was how people in the audience tried to leave while he was still talking, but the security guys wouldn’t let them out. And Trump may be the only politician in America other than Kari Lake, who still believes the 2020 election results were a fraud.

I really enjoy listening to all the GOP pundits and noisemakers who have suddenly decided that having Trump around may not be such a good thing for the future chances of their party to grow in presence and size. After five or so years of kissing Trump’s fat rear end, all of a sudden, the narrative seems to be running the other way.

And it’s not just the so-called professional political handmaidens of the GOP who are coming out against another campaign by Trump. When an Evangelical leader like Robert Jeffress says he’s ‘not ready’ to endorse Trump again after literally blessing the ground that Trump walked on for the past five years, you know the fix is no linger in.

Yesterday I was watching the 2017 documentary about Warren Buffet on HBO. At some point Buffet explains why he became a supporter of the Democrat(ic) Party, which he puts down to a mid-life concern about civil rights and his realization that everyone deserves an equal chance, regardless of the color of their skin.

With all due respect to Buffet’s legendary ability to identify undervalued companies and buy up their stock, I had no problem when Blacks began moving into my formerly all-White neighborhood in 1954, following the Brown v. Board of Education decision the previous year. I was ten years old in 1954, okay?

It really doesn’t require someone to become a rocket scientist to figure out the difference between right and wrong when we’re talking about something as simple and obvious as the color of someone’s skin. I had the same reaction when I used to hear men tell me that women weren’t smart enough to hold management jobs.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not so enthusiastic about pretending we’re all equal in every respect. For example, I believe that Republicans are dumber than Democrats, even if the Democrat(ic) Party on occasion ends up being headlined by a jerk like Andy Cuomo or Hillary What’s-Her-Name.

And she’s still around??? Don’t they ever quit? I guess not.

Yesterday I stopped at my local convenience store which basically is in business to sell cigarettes, lottery tickets and regular gas for $3.79 a pop, and I bought a large coffee for 99 cents. I had to pour it myself, but that spared me the trouble of standing on a line for 20 minutes waiting for some Starbucks barista to finally turn around and ask me what I wanted to drink.

I am convinced that the retail price of coffee is determined by how long you have to wait for someone to pour eight ounces of hot water into a paper cup. And the price doesn’t include the cost of all that gasoline you burn while you sit in the drive-thru lane.

And these are the reasons why Trump should run again in 2024. Because all he’ll do is drag down every other candidate on the GOP ticket, which is fine with me. According to The Failing New York Times, Trump’s preferred 2022 GOP candidates underperformed candidates he didn’t endorse by five percentage points, and a five-point margin in any electoral contest happens usually to be the difference between a W and an L.

I wish I could honestly say that I believe in the two-Party system, but I really don’t. I happen to live in the only state (Massachusetts) which sends a delegation to D.C. of more than three (two for the Senate, one for the House) and all the officeholders are members of the blue team. Fine with me.

We often elect a so-called Republican as Governor, but in any other state a guy like Charlie Baker would be a mainstream Democrat, make no mistake about that.

So, God Bless Donald Trump for trying to do his best to impose one-Party rule on the United States. And I’m not talking about the GOP.

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