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We Stole the 2020 Election in Arizona - That's for Sure!

Like many Democrats, I have been both skeptical and derisive of the attempts by Donald Trump and various GOP operatives to condemn the 2020 election results for being fraudulent, because this is nothing more than yet another chapter in a long-running saga about how and why the Republican Party and conservatives in general aren’t interested in people coming out to vote.

And don’t think that this disinterest in the democratic process is only a function of American political life. If you wanted to vote in England, you had to prove ownership of property until 1832. In the United States, the 19th Amendment which gave women full voting rights wasn’t passed until 1919.

Now they’re back at it again, but this time the shitheads on the Right are referring to their racism and anti-feminism as ‘voter integrity.’ Which basically means that if you want to make it easy for people to vote, you’re some kind of liar, or worse.

In this regard, the election-integrity gang has been particularly active in Arizona, which has always been a Republican redoubt, usually giving the red team 55% of its Presidential vote, which has always been enough to snag the state’s 11 electoral votes.

Except in 2016, although the state went for Trump over what’s her name (God, did she run the absolutely worst Presidential campaign of all time) not only was the margin of victory less than 4 points, but for the first time since I don’t know when, the GOP winner didn’t even score 50% of the total votes.

In other words, all bullshit and false bravado aside, when it comes to Arizona in 2016, Trump barely squeaked through in the same way that he barely squeaked through everywhere else. Please God please. Make Trump the GOP candidate in 2024.

Now back to 2020 and Arizona’s election ‘fraud.’

The state of Arizona in the 2020 census counted 7.2 million residents, of whom nearly 5 million live in and around Maricopa County, which is the city of Phoenix plus a few car graveyards in the surrounding sand dunes.

What’s interesting about Maricopa County, however, is how the population has changed ethnically over time, and right now Maricopa is about to become one of those jurisdictions which is no longer a majority White. Know how the demographers are all saying that the White majority in the United States will disappear by 2030? It’s already happened in Phoenix and the surrounding towns.

In 1980, the White, non-Hispanic population in Maricopa County was 81%. In 2020, it was 53%. And guess what? The non-White, Hispanic community isn’t all that disposed towards the GOP, particularly when the GOP Presidential ticket is headed by an asshole who has been the biggest, lousiest, and most racist, anti-Hispanic politician of all time.

Now you would think that after 2016, someone would have told Trump that his anti-immigrant ranting night cause a problem for the GOP the next time around. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Trump spent more time in his Presidential tenure yapping about the stupid, f*cking wall than he yapped about anything else.

Know what Trump got for his efforts? A Presidential counselor named Steve Bannon who was indicted for putting a million bucks in his pocket that was supposed to be spent building that stupid, f*cking wall.

So now, the Arizona Attorney General, a GOP jerk-off named Mark Brnovich has released a report detailing all the illegal votes that his office has found in a year-long investigation of all the election fraud committed in 2020 and the total number of fraudulent votes is a whopping – ready? – nine! That’s right. In a state where more than 3.3 million residents voted, there were actually 9 phony votes.

By the way, three of these votes were cast by guys who were sitting in the Pima County jail on election day. I can just see these three jerks sitting in the rec room, watching Judge Judy on TV, and having a fun time filling out their absentee ballots.

The Arizona AG says that this is an ‘interim’ report. I’m sure that when the final report is issued, they will have found another 9 phony votes.

Yesterday I drove to the convenience store near me to fill up my car. They are now hiring kids to ring up the cash register when people come in to pick up their coffee and lottery ticket on the way to work. The store is offering a sign-up bonus, $18 bucks an hour and bennies in a neighborhood where a nice, one-bedroom apartment rents for $750 a month.

As Bill Clinton would say, ‘do the math,’ and then ask yourself how the asshole ex-President actually believes that anyone will vote for him in 2024 to ‘make America great again.’

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