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What Does 'Tradition' Mean to the GOP?

              I don’t know right now what’s more disgusting. Is it the obliteration of whole residential neighborhoods in Gaza with the attendant death toll reaching perhaps more than 20,000 Arabs and God knows the number of non-fatal injuries suffered by the resident population? Or is it the angry reaction of alt-right noisemakers in this country who just can’t wait to promote their pro-Israel credentials and their flaunting of how much they abhor the anti-Semitism which is nothing more than another Communist and Deep State conspiracy to destroy what makes America great?

              Yesterday FOX trotted out some so-called ‘expert’ from that stinking garbage can of right-wing political bullshit at Stanford University known as the Hoover Institution who knows ‘for a fact’ that all those pro-Hamas demonstrations are planned and coordinated by the ‘axis of evil,’ a.k.a., Russia and China, and will only get worse until and unless we respond to this behavior by sending all those demonstrators back to where they came from.

              This is exactly how the alt-right reacted to the murder of George Floyd. They spent a day lamenting poor George’s unfortunate encounter with a killer cop and then spent the next two months shrieking about the murder and property destruction being committed by those demonstrators who were led into battle by the Black Lives Matter gang.

              Of course, that time around the alt-right had this fearless leader in the White House who not only ordered a peaceful crowd of demonstrators to be gassed when the protestors were marching around in Lafayette Park, but also wondered out loud whether the demonstration could be broken up by shooting the demonstrators in the legs.

              What a decent guy he was, wanting to make sure that if you exercised your 1st-Amendment ‘right’ to free speech that you would still be alive even if you could never walk again.

              And this shithead, this absolute jerk of a public leader is running for President this year and next?

              He’s a fucking disgrace and so are all the other GOP Presidential wannabees who can’t bring themselves to so much as even hint at the possibility that maybe, just maybe this piece of shit really was responsible for what happened on January 6th.

              What does Nikki Haley say? We need a ‘new beginning?’ What the fuck does that mean?

              Oh yea, I forgot. Haley doesn’t believe we should remember the Civil War as a fight over slavery. For more than the last ten years she’s been talking about how the South was fighting to ‘preserve its traditions.’

              She made that comment in 2010 when she was running for Governor and spoke in front of a South Carolina group which tries to promote the Confederate heritage. This bunch calls themselves the ‘Palmetto Patriots’ and I love how the GOP now uses the word ‘patriot’ to describe anyone who wants the Federal government to dry up and blow away.

              I lived in South Carolina from 1976 through 1980, which means I was there when Reagan ran his first campaign and basically made it loud and clear that the GOP was going to be the political party which had no interest in enforcing civil rights.

              When Nikki Haley gets up and talks about the importance of ‘traditions,’ she’s saying the exact same thing.

              Think there’s any difference between calling the anti-genocide Gaza demonstrators dupes of some worldwide conspiracy which is bent on undermining everything that used to make America great? I remember when J. Edgar Hoover sanctioned illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King’s telephone because he knew ‘for a fact’ that the civil rights movement was a clear example of the Communist threat.

              What I find interesting about these alt-right shitheads, from the ones who opposed social security in 1934 to the ones who now support the Netanyahu’s scorched-earth military strategy, is that either you’re a real American or you’re not.

              And to be a God-fearing, American patriot means that you want to walk onto a bus and as you take your seat in front, wave hello to the black passengers sitting in the back.

              There are still a lot of people around who don’t want to accept the fact that the world has changed since December 1, 1955, which is when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man and the entire traditions of life in the American South (and elsewhere) began to change.

              Which is what the situation in Gaza is really all about. Do we accept the fact that Judea and Samaria i.e., the West Bank) should not be an extension of the modern Jewish state because tradition tells us that God gave this property to the Jews thousands of years ago? Or do we begin to accept the idea that things change, whether we like it or not?

              I’ll go with the latter, thank you, even though I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow will bring.




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