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What Happened in South Carolina?

              Granted, Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson may not exactly be household names, but if Joe gets 95% of the South Carolina primary vote, which is what the predictions are for what he’ll get in yesterday’s vote, this is sure a lot different than what the Fake News has been saying he’ll get.

              Here’s a comment from one voter after she exited the polls: “The economy is going great. He’s done the best he can with the border situation. He’s done the best he can do with the Gaza situation. I pray to God he beats Trump.”

              I watched CNN and MS-NBC every day before this primary, and all they kept showing were interviews with black voters who said they ‘weren’t sure’ they could or would vote for Joe. These so-called ‘undecided’ black voters believed that Joe didn’t handle the economy very well, that the United States had screwed up in Gaza and the Middle East, that prices were still sky high, and blah, blah, blah, and blah.

              How come the Fake News couldn’t find one goddamn South Carolina voter before the primary who knew they were going to show up yesterday and pull the Biden lever, no questions asked?

              I’ll tell you why.

              Because the Fake News has become so craven to run content that will keep people tuned in so that their numbers will keep those advertisers running and paying for their ads, that the Fake News content has absolutely nothing to do with real news, that’s for goddamn sure.

              The real problem for the Fake News is that you can’t pretend that the only person who’s running for President these days is Donald Trump. Try as the Fake News tries, even the most pro-Trump members of the GOP caucuses in the Senate and the House are beginning to get tired of Trump, Trump, Trump, with perhaps the only exception being that bum from upstate New York, Elise Stefanik, who is now trying desperately to join Trump as his choice for V.P.

              I never thought that anyone would replace Marjorie Taylor Greene as the best example of how and why being a member of the GOP Congressional lineup means you have to say something phenomenally stupid, sexist, or racist every day, but Stefanik seems to have topped MTG in that respect.

              She not only still claims that Joe and his Deep State cohorts stole the 2020 election, but she’s also being described as the ‘most powerful’ member of the GOP in New York State, as if coming from a Congressional District which contains such burgeoning, metropolitan growth centers as Ogdensburg, Plattsburgh and Watertown puts anyone right in the thick of things.

              The GOP could run dog shit in New York’s 21st C.D., never mind a dog, and they would still keep that seat. The district happens to be 90% white, 3% black and 6% everything else racially speaking, which is probably the racial breakdown of many, if not most of the Congressional Districts which send GOP members to Congress these days.

              In the current Congress, there are 56 House members who represent districts with a majority of black or Latino residents. Ready?  All 22 majority-black CD’s send a Democrat to the House, 22 of the 34 majority-Latino CD’s send a blue team member to D.C.

              There isn’t a single state except for Hawaii where non-whites outnumber whites, which explains why 12% of the current members of the Senate are non-white whereas 27% of the seats in the lower house are occupied by non-whites.

              We have Donald Trump to thank for injecting race into the middle of the national political narrative, but the good news so far is that as the country becomes more and more non-white, I don’t see the GOP making itself over into a political party which welcomes and embraces the increasingly diverse population that will make this country a majority non-white sometime over the next 25 years.

              And maybe, if we’re lucky, the Fake News will find itself unable to sell advertising space unless it runs stories promoting some hard-core racists who will no doubt make Donald Trump look and sound like Mary Poppins or Mahatma Ghandi in drag.

              And then along will come another Democrat(ic) politico who will revive Joe’s great comment: “If you vote for Trump, you ain’t black.”







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