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What Happened in Tuesday's Vote?

I was really hoping that the POS/GOP primaries on Tuesday night would show a clean sweep for the MAGA team, but that really didn’t happen. Some of the alt-right candidates won, some lost, a few contests are still not done.

But every time the POS/GOP appears to be abandoning Orange Shithead and moving back to reality, I get concerned. Because the truth is that in the general election, if the POS/GOP is dominated by MAGA jerks, they’ll hand over the election results on a silver platter to the blue team.

Take a look at this map:

It gives current numbers for the percentage of state residents fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The darker the state, the higher is the percentage of state residents fully protected against the virus, starting with Rhode Island at 81.5% and ending with Alabama at 49.6%. With the exception of Florida, all the most vaccinated states are reliably blue states.

Which states are doing the worst job of protecting their residents from this fatal threat to public health? What Al Franken used to call the ‘dumb states,’ but we’ll be a little more polite and just refer to these states as reliably red.

Now don’t get me wrong. I really don’t want how people vote to determine how long they live. But there really are two Americas out there and the percentage of residents in every state that are vaccinated is a good way to determine which is which.

Because thanks to OS, Americans were and still are free to choose whether to get vaccinated or not. And the next time that some POS/GOP jerk asks you whether you want the government always telling you what to do, why don’t you ask that jerk how come we bother with speed limits? Isn’t that another way the government tells us how to behave?

Now that the latest poll shows Americans want the blue team to retain control of Congress by a 50 to 43 margin, the Fake News really has their work cut out for them to come up with some kind of narrative that will keep their click rates from going downhill. Because all I’ve been hearing for the past several months is that the mid-term election is going to be a washout for the Democrats, a loss of both Houses of Congress or, at least one.

And along with that narrative we are also treated to a daily dose about how the so-called ‘progressive’ faction of the Democrat(ic) Party has given up on Joe. He’s too old, he’s too dumb, he’s too unwilling to do what he promised to do the last time he ran.

I have been following politics since the 1960 election, and I don’t recall another election in which a first-term incumbent President faced such opposition from his own side. Remember how many POS/GOP members came out against Trump’s impeachment in 2019? Other than Mitt Romney, who has a guaranteed lifetime Senate seat, not one friggin’ peep.

Now the fact that Joe has signed both a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill along with a new gun-control law and will shortly sign bills that both respond to climate change as well as controlling the cost of prescription drugs, seems to mean nothing to the so-called ‘progressive’ wing of the Democrat(ic) Party whose allies in the Fake News media endlessly thirst for more clicks.

What a sorry bunch. Or as Grandpa would say, ‘vrai drek’ (read: real garbage.) That’s what they are.

I don’t know what’s worse. The alt-right wing of the POS/GOP or the so-called ‘progressive’ wing of our blue team. My only hope is that come November, they’ll cancel each other out.

If they do, a slim red majority in one or both houses of Congress won’t mean anything because the last time that both Congress and the White House were controlled by the POS/GOP gang, they didn’t get anything done.

The good news is that Joe wants to get rid of the Hyde Amendment, which has been routinely tacked onto every federal budget to prevent taxpayer dollars being used to support a woman’s free choice.

Time to send Planned Parenthood a few bucks: Still fighting. No matter what. (

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