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What Happened to the Trump 2024 Campaign?

Excuse me, but is Donald Trump running for President in 2024? Maybe I’m missing something here, but right now he seems to be leading the greatest non-Presidential campaign of all time.

He announced his campaign at a mocked-up, phony public event in the Mar-a-Lago dining room on November 15. The only reason there was anyone listening to him as he droned on for over an hour was because the security guards blocked the exits and wouldn’t let anyone leave.

It’s now been more than five months from the date of that event – 170 days to be exact. And how many times has Trump appeared at campaign rallies or other public events since then? Try eight, of which at two of the venues – CPAC and NRA – Trump shared the spotlight with other 2024 wannabees.

Not that Trump has been out of the limelight, that’s for sure. But it’s pretty hard to deliver a stump speech when you’re on the way to get printed and then tell a judge that you understand the charges being made against you in a New York criminal court.

I can’t seem to find anyone who is keeping track of the number of phone or video interviews that Trump has done so far in this campaign, but in 2020, he seemed to be calling into Fox, Breitbart and Newsmax just about every day. Of course, the fact that he was President meant that the White House media operation was also promoting the campaign with daily briefings and other made-for-media events.

And by the way, for all the talk about the money that was donated to Trump after he was indicted, I don’t notice that he’s getting financial support from the deep pockets crowd, like the kind of money that Joe is raising from the likes of Alex Soros, Reid Hoffman and Haim Saban. In fact, it was just announced that Peter Thiel, one of the richest guys around and usually a heavy GOP donor, has decided not to get involved in the 2024 race.

Yesterday, Trump announced that he was no longer going to talk about ‘crooked Hillary’ and was going to start talking about ‘crooked Joe.’ So, here’s a guy who is being sued by the New York State AG and has also been indicted by the Manhattan DA for falsifying business records and he’s calling someone else ‘crooked?’

Want to see a real Presidential campaign? Take a look at the video released by Biden to kick things off. Staged or not, what’s impressive about this 3-minute clip is that it shows Joe talking to just about every racial and gender stripe which comprises American society again and again.

Now compare the Biden video to Trump imitating a transgender athlete at his recent New Hampshire event. Trump still hasn’t figured out that politics and show biz aren’t exactly the same thing, even though the voters have delivered this message three different times.

In 2016, everyone thought that Trump was new and different, even if he didn’t have one, solid idea to define his campaign other than reminding white Americans what it meant to be ‘great.’

But now Trump’s taking his show on the road for the 5th time, and all the indictments and lawsuits don’t begin to compare to his biggest crime of all, which to quote my late friend Jimmy Breslin, is that Trump has become a bore,

Which is why I hope that voters in GOP primary elections are also still enamored of Trump’s stale performances and put him back at the top of the GOP ticket next year.

Evidently, the RNC is going to release an official statement about how candidates should frame their narratives for the 2024 race. And basically, what the RNC is going to say is that complaining about the so-called 2020 election ‘fraud’ is a dead end.

Did Trump bitch and moan about the 2020 campaign in his New Hampshire appearance this week? He sure did, and I only hope that he continues to complain about the ‘stolen’ election for the next two years.

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