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What Happens to MAGA After Trump Disappears?

Believe it or not, there’s a little part of me that wants Trump to win the election next year and move back into the Oval Office in 2025. And the reason I want him to be #47 is I’ll have something to write about every motherfucking day.

Because the problem with Joe is that he spends his time just doing what he’s supposed to do, which is managing the world’s largest corporation and managing any organization is boring as hell.

So, here’s what I think, or hope will happen to Orange Shithead as things move along. He’ll make a deal in Georgia to cop a plea for one count, with the understanding that he won’t go to jail as long as he keeps his fucking mouth shut.

And somehow, don’t ask me how, once Trump-o takes a dive in Fulton County, all those other indictments will fade away. For sure, the indictments in Florida and D.C. will disappear because those are federal cases and Joe will call up Merrick and that’ll be the end of that.

The New York case will be a bit more difficult to fix, but since it’s New York there’s always some way a fix can be found.

Once Trump shuts up, you won’t be hearing anything more from Maga-ites like Maggie Tits Greene or Matt Gaetz because they won’t get the slightest bit of Fake News attention without their Fuhrër to lead them around.

And by the way, I’m sure the deal cut with Trump-o will also stipulate that he can’t continue peddling those stupid MAGA hats, or the flags, or the coffee mugs, or anything else imprinted with the MAGA name.

You’ll see all that crap selling on Ebay as collectibles with disclaimers about how once these are gone, there won’t be any more.

The reason that MAGA and all the racist, hateful language which it spawned will disappear once Trump-o shuts the fucks up is because regardless of what Trump-o claimed, MAGA was never any kind of political movement at all.

MAGA was and is a brand name, and building brands is what Trump’s career has always been about. MAGA was actually the second brand that Trump-o tried to create, the first brand happening to have been his own name.

And the way you build a brand is to get the brand name all over the place. It doesn’t matter if the name is Ford, or Dior, or General Electric, or Trump. You make sure that if someone’s going to buy a product that you make, when they walk into a store or a voting booth, your brand is the first name they see.

You can see this strategy working in the New York trial where the Trump Organization is being sued for fraud. And if one thing comes out from the testimony of his son, it’s that the kid had no idea what was going on around him at all. What he did know was that he was promoting a brand called Trump.

How much was the brand worth? Who the hell cared.

What Trump didn’t understand about building a political brand like MAGA was that what happened on January 6th was that people supported the brand not by buying another hat but by believing what Trump was telling them to do.

But that’s not a political movement. That’s a riot which turned violent and made the MAGA brand legally toxic for the thousand-plus people who have been charged – a list which happens to include Donald J. Trump, although Trump once told pollster Frank Luntz (in all seriousness) that the initial ‘J’ stood for ‘genius,’ not ‘John.’

If and when Trump-o shuts the fuck up, MAGA will disappear. And we’ll go back to business as usual politically speaking, with the Democrat(ic) Party promoting WOKE for all those non-white and non-English speaking votes, and the Republic(an) Party promoting tax breaks for all those hard-working Americans even though it’s the top 5 percent who won’t be paying any taxes on what they have.

What a boring state of affairs.

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