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What's So Bad About Biden?

If I had a nickel for every Democrat who tells me that Joe is doing a lousy job, I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow. All the polls show him well below 50% in terms of popularity, so it can’t be just POS/GOP idiots who don’t like him. It’s got to be blue-team voters as well.

Yea, yea, I know all about the lousy economy. I know about inflation. I know about Afghanistan or Ukraine or somewhere else.

But lemme tell you what I also know. I know that if Joe hadn’t won in 2020, and I don’t care if he stole every, single one of those 81 million votes, we would have Orange Shithead in the Oval Office right now, and Rudy Giuliani’s kid wouldn’t be running today in the Republican primary election for New York State Governor, because Orange Shithead would have already appointed him Secretary of State.

Just imagine the grifters and shysters who would be hanging around the Oval Office these days. I can just see Orange Shithead getting up to announce that every one of our great military ‘warriors’ will now be resting their heads every night on a Mike Lindell pillow and tucked in under a Mike Lindell sheet.

But worst of all would be the continued POS/GOP assault on science, which has been going on since the Koch brothers and the rest of the carbon fuel gang decided to begin selling the idea that global warming was a hoax.

In that regard, you might want to read this article by a really smart Harvard cookie, Naomi Oreskes, in the current issue of Lancet, or you can download it here.

Professor Oreskes, who wrote a great book, Merchants of Doubt, about the deniers of climate change, makes the argument that much of the resistance to Covid-19 vaccinations and lockdowns reflects generalized rejections of science by certain groups in the overall population, but this attitude has been spurred by “deliberate fomenting of mistrust for political, ideological and economic reasons.”

If that statement doesn’t exactly describe the Orange Shithead approach to science, I don’t know what does. How could the President of the United States get up in public and call Anthony Fauci a ‘liar?’ But if you build a complete political persona around conspiracy theories which make scientists out to be the bad guys, that’s what you do.

The POS/GOP has been promoting fear and mistrust of government since the New Deal, but their efforts to build a rock-solid electoral foundation based on presenting themselves as the saviors of White America only works best in dumb states when non-Whites don’t or can’t vote.

Oreskes has another book coming out next year, The Big Myth, which will attempt to explain why so many people embrace anti-scientific attitudes, the result of what she believes has been an organized effort by Big Business to promote free-market capitalism by denying or obscuring the negative impact of profits and personal gain. I only hope she finds room in this narrative to discuss the anti-science conspiracy theories promoted by Orange Shithead and his gang.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that since January 20th, 2021, the Oval Office has not served as a fount for anti-science sentiment thanks to Joe. And as far as I’m concerned, this alone is reason enough for everyone to stop complaining about his so-called failures and get behind him for the 2022 November election and beyond.

So, he hasn’t lived up to every promise he made on the 2020 campaign trail. So what?

I remember standing online to get a polio vaccine shot in the 6th grade. I also remember in my 5th-grade class taking homework to a kid who was home in an iron lung. I also knew kids who disappeared from school for months at a time because they came down with scarlet fever.

If nothing else, Joe Biden has restored a sense of the value of science in everyday life. And as far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t understand what that means can, to quote Grandpa, ‘chob en drerd,’ (read: stick it up your you know what.)

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