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When Will MAGA Replace the GOP?

              I have to give Shithead Trump credit for one thing. He is the very first national political candidate who has no what Grandpa would call ‘rachmones’ (read: modesty) at all. This guy will say whatever he says whether there’s the slightest bit of truth to it or not. And even though the Fake News will sometimes bother to respond to his lying with a corrective, nobody ever reads that far down the text.

              When the Suozzi election victory became clear Tuesday night, Trump went on his little Truth Social soapbox and claimed that the GOP loser – Mazi Pilip – had herself to blame by not running as a gung-ho MAGA type. Trump then went on to say that he had a “99% endorsement success rate’ in primary elections this year, a claim which is completely false.

              Trump’s statement wasn’t just a slight difference of opinion from what has really been happening this year, or any other year, for that matter. The statement was completely and totally untrue, i.e., it was a lie.

              How do we define the word ‘lie?’ You know something to be true and you consciously say something else.

              Until Trump came along, politicians usually went out of their way to at least create the impression that what they said was to some degree based on verifiable facts. That criteria for deciding what is said and what is not said in the public political narrative is now gone.

              Not just gone – but disappeared. Smashed to bits!

              Why shouldn’t Marjorie Taylor Greene feel comfortable saying that the California wildfires were caused by Jewish lasers beamed from outer space? After all, when she was confronted for this disgusting appeal to blatant anti-Semitism, she excused herself by saying that she was just repeating something she read on the internet.

              So, if you see something on social media, you can be excused for repeating it on your own X-Twitter account because obviously, that’s what the 1st Amendment’s all about, right?

              There would be no Marjorie Taylor Greene without Donald Trump. There would have been no George Santos without Donad Trump. And I get the funny fee ling that if the SCOTUS says that Trump has to stand trial regardless of whether he’s a Presidential candidate or not, a lot of GOP officeholders will start making quiet deals with Nikki Haley just in case she beats out Joe on November 5th.

              Then there’s another scenario that we might consider as well, which is what I am convinced is Orange Shithead Trump’s plan to turn the MAGA ‘movement’ into a legal, legitimate political party registered and doing business in all 50 states.

              Well, maybe they won’t bother to try and sell MAGA in Commie states like California and New York. But once the MAGA Party becomes official in the real red states and a few of the so-called ‘battleground’ states (read: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, et. al.,) Orange Shithead won’t need the ‘sanctuary’ states at all.

              And by the way, creating the organizational infrastructure of a political party these days doesn’t require setting up offices, leasing copying machines and telephones, hiring staff. That’s what you did in the good old days. Now a presence on social media covers all that.

              And the best thing about social media is that the more you say things that in the pre-digital/Trump days no public figure ever dared to say, the more you’ll get noticed, the more political donations you’ll rake in, the more your name will become known.

              Yesterday, Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans who are opposed to sending money to Ukraine were referred to as ‘appeasers’ by the Britain’s Foreign Secretary, likening them to the response to Hitler in the years leading up to World War II. I thought that David Cameron’s blunt intrusion into American political affairs was unwise, but Marjorie Taylor Greene got the real headline when she blasted all over the digital world that Cameron could ‘kiss her ass.’

              That kind of language has become not only normal on social media sites which focus on political events, but this kind of language is now expected by the supporters of MAGA thanks to Donald Trump.

              Think you can’t build a national political party just by curses, slander and lies passed around on several million droids every day? Think again.

              In fact, whether he wins or not, if Trump doesn’t attempt to supplant the GOP with MAGA after November 5th, then we finally have the proof that his so-called mental faculties are no longer what they should be.

              Mark today’s date down. You read it here first. The Democrats will be facing a candidate nominated by the MAGA Party in 2028.



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