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When Will The Fake News Stop Promoting Trump As A Fascist Threat?

So the latest attempt by Fake News to keep their numbers up by figuring out something to say about Trump, takes the form of an MSNBC interview with a faculty member from Yale, Timothy Snyder, who has published numerous books on Hitler and Fascism and now uses what happened in Europe one hundred years ago to explain the Fascist threat which will engulf American democracy over the next several years.

That’s right. Hitler’s beer hall putsch too place in Munich on November 8th, 1923, which means that the hundred-year anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power will arrive just as Trump begins his re-election campaign.

I can see it now. In 2024, Trump will hold a rally in some deep red state and when some fake news reporter asks him whether he’s aware that Hitler’s rally in Munich took place on the same month and day albeit a century earlier, Trump will grin and say that there were ‘good people’ on both sides.

According to Professor Snyder, the effort to replace our democracy with a Trump-led Fascist regime has actually been in the works since 2016, when Trump first began to promote the idea that everything he said was true, no matter how much he lied, and that good, hard-working Americans couldn’t trust a government led by liberals who did nothing but lie.

Obama lied about everything – where he was born, what religion he practiced, nothing but lies, lies, lies. And Hillary was even worse. She lied so much that she should have been locked up. Remember the ‘lock her up’ cheers? Gee, that seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Trump, on the other hand, had nothing to hide. After all, he was a business guy who built hi-rise apartments that everyone could see. So what if he wouldn’t release his tax returns? So what? Nobody wants to pay taxes anyhow, particularly when all the tax money just goes to the you-know-who’s, so they’ll keep voting for the Deep State.

Back in the good old days, the news consisted of a half-hour of local news, which was basically the traffic and the weather report with a few crimes thrown in, and then a half-hour for the so-called national news, which only covered international stories if our guys were fighting somewhere overseas.

Then on Sunday there was another half hour when some important person like the Secretary of State would give some non-answers to three reporters and that was it. Somehow, don’t ask me how, we all survived on less national news in an entire week then we now get from CNN or MSNBC or FOX in less than one day.

Last night, I flipped back and forth between the so-called news channels – Laura Ingraham on FOX, Don Lemon on CNN, and someone else on MSNBC. I couldn’t get over how…fucking…boring these shows were. None of them could begin to compare to the entertainment when I then listened to some gospel on Jimmy Swaggart’s televangelist show.

Now back to Trump and the looming Fascist threat.

Whether he knows it or not, the only reason that he Fake Media pays any attention at all to Professor Snyder’s forewarnings about impending Fascist doom is because stations like CNN and MSNBC have nothing to use in order to drive viewership numbers upward, particularly when they are competing against both each other and competing against FOX.

What do you expect these stations to do? Run the umpteenth interview with Joe Manchin about why he believes the infrastructure bill needs to be cut back? Talk about bo…ring.

One thing that Hitler had going for him hen he built his Fascist regime is that he really knew how to work a crowd. His speeches, so it was said, were spellbinding, he could keep a large audience enthralled or hours on end. Politicians today don’t know how to talk the way Hitler talked. It’s all about 30-second sound bites because that’s all you’ll get on CNN or MSNBC.

Of course, it helped that Hitler also had a little band of followers known as the SA, which were some several hundred thousand strong-arm types who marched through the streets in their brown shirts, chanting their slogans and kicking the shit out of any old Jew who got in the way.

Remember what happened in August 2017 when some schmucks marched through Charlottesville, VA with their assault rifles and Nazi armbands and Trump said there were some ‘good people’ on ‘both sides?’ What happened was that for the first time since his inauguration, his job-approval ratings fell into the toilet and never went back up.

The biggest difference between the United States today and the Germany of Hitler’s era is that nobody ran job-approval surveys back in 1933. And if nothing else, those polls are what will always keep our democratic system alive and well, I don’t care what experts like Tim Snyder want us to believe.

Just remember, come next year – VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN! Or you can go down to Virginia and do it next week.

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1 Comment

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Oct 27, 2021

And in the remembrance of August 2017 when the schmuck, Joey Salad, (and all the others) marched through Charlottesville...don't let it happen again.

Donate $100/month for the 2024 re-election campaign of Joe Biden.

The country is finally headed in the correct direction under his/Biden's administration!!!

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