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When Will The GOP Dump Trump?

Want to know what a pathetic jerk Donald Trump really is? Take a look at what he said yesterday while his rear end was being licked by Sean Hannity. Trump gave Hannity an ‘exclusive’ interview, as if that means anything, and Hannity tries to bait him not once, but twice to say something nasty about Merrick Garland, who happens to be the People’s Lawyer, a.k.a., the Attorney General of the United States.

Trump not only refused to take the bait twice, but referred to Garland as ‘respected,’ even though the AG is on the liberal side.

Understand that when Trump goes on Fox, particularly on ass-kisser Hannity’s show, to describe his appearance as an ‘interview’ is really a rather stupid joke. Because I can guarantee you that Hannity only asks questions that have been given to him by Trump in advance. So it’s not an interview as we use that word, it’s some free advertising for Trump.

And by the way, Garland’s name came up with reference to an issue in which Garland has played no real role at all. The whole business started when a Fox reporter who covers the White House mentioned that Garland had evidently sent out a letter to the FBI telling the troops to be concerned about an increase in violent intimidation tactics directed at local school boards by the idiot population that doesn’t believe kids should wear masks to school.

The Fox reporter tried to turn the issue back against Garland by also bringing up whether parents who protest the teaching of ‘critical race theory’ are also now subjects of interest by the FBI. To her credit, Jen Psaki politely told the Fox reporter to stick the whole thing up his you-know-what, but Hannity stopped licking Trump’s ass long enough on his show the next night to raise the whole, stupid issue again.

And here was Trump, who usually barks like a dog in heat the moment he hears the name of anyone working for Joe, trying his best to be as conciliatory and statesmanlike as anyone could be. In fact, I have been putting up with Trump’s rhetorical bullshit now for nearly six years, and I have never before heard him mention the name of any Democrat in such a non-combative and polite way.

What’s going on? Do we have a new, more gracious, more genteel Donald Trump? Has Trump all of a sudden gotten down off the bar stool in the saloon in Richmond Hill, Queens and begun behaving like every, single other President has always behaved?

I think we’ll get an answer to these questions during the rally in Des Moines that Trump will be heading tomorrow night. You may recall that Trump lost the 2016 Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz, but of course basically ran unopposed last year. Now he’s coming back to promote various Iowa candidates in the 2022 elections, but there’s the usual talk that he’s also testing the waters for a return in 2024.

According to the Des Moines Register, a recent poll has Trump with a fifty-three percent ‘favorable’ rating in Iowa, the highest favorable number he has ever had. But if you look at the poll numbers rather than just reading the headline, Trump’s support is pretty soft. Thirty percent of the respondents scored him as ‘very favorable’ and twenty-three percent said he was ‘mostly favorable.’ Which means that some of those twenty-three percenters have their doubts about Trump, which means that he’s really not over a fifty percent favorability rating for the state as a whole.

When all is said and done, I don’t think it really matters if everyone in the Hawkeye State likes or even loves Trump. First, I don’t think he’s going to be running for anything in 2024 unless he’s running around the exercise track at Butner or some other Federal pen. Turns out that before he died at Butner, Bernie Madoff earned $710 for cleaning the prison chapel. Maybe they’ll give Trump a broom and he can earn some money to pay off the lease on his nearly bankrupt hotel in Washington, D.C.

Trump’s mismanagement of the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue (where my father worked for General Hap Arnold during World War II) shouldn‘t come as a big surprise. After all, he bankrupted the Plaza Hotel in New York City, another one of his great deals.

I’m going to throw out a little theory and I’d like your response. Know how Winston Churchill got rid of a pro-Hitler monarch named Edward VIII in 1936? He connived with Edward’s younger brother to dump his older sibling and ascend the throne as George VI.

I am increasingly convinced that Mitch McConnell is playing the role of Churchill and Trump will soon be cast as Edward VIII. The question which remains to be answered, of course, is who will play George VI? Until and unless the GOP leadership comes up with a face and a name other than worn-out wannabes like Ted Cruz, they’re going to have to put up with Trump’s continued efforts to make a buck off his ‘Save America’ brand.

Which is fine with me because no matter how Trump tries to re-invent himself over the next couple of years, running a Presidential campaign from the federal lockup in Otisville, NY will be quite a trick.

Don’t believe me? Drive up to Newburgh and make a right turn. Otisville is right down the road.

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