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Where Will Trump & Rudy End Up Sleeping?

              I’ve told this anecdote a few times, but I need to tell it again, so I’ll make it brief. One day in 1988 I saw a former Attorney General of the Unted States – John Mitchell – homeless in Washington, D.C. Actually, he had a bed to sleep on in some old lady’s house in Georgetown, but he couldn’t pay her any rent which meant effectively that he could be pitched out at any time into the street.

              I keep saying that, sooner or later, the same thing’s going to happen to Rudy Giuliani who, after all, wasn’t a former Attorney General; he was only the head of the DOJ’s Southern District in New York.

              But I’m telling you, the clock is ticking, or the sand is dripping or whatever other way you want to describe how time’s running out for Rudy, okay?

              The pic above is a promotional video that Rudy recently made for some deli out on Long Island which got some 10,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram, but who knows if anyone bothered to drive out there to buy one of their chicken sandwiches, right?

              It’s also not clear from Rudy’s recent bankruptcy filing whether he got paid for standing in front of the deli counter, because there are about as many holes in Rudy’s bankruptcy petition as you get in a slice of Dorman’s Swiss cheese.

              Which is why lawyers representing Rudy’s creditors want a forensic audit of his finances, which is a polite way of saying that he information he submitted to the bankruptcy court happens to be a big lie.

              Meanwhile, of what Rudy is saying abut his current financial situation is maybe part of the truth or the whole truth, either way this is a guy who is headed for some sleeping space in the tunnel underneath the Grand Central railroad tracks on West 72nd Street on Manhattan’s West Side, unless he can find some little, old lady to take him in.

              Rudy still has his daily podcast on WABC in New York. Yesterday’s show had him talking about some kid in St. Louis who got her head bashed in during an after-school fight and then he went on to talk about the ‘slime’ running America today who won’t back Israel’s need to defend itself against terrorists like Hamas.

              Rudy says he has a monthly income of $2,308 against monthly expenses of $43,797 which means that in the next year he’ll owe an additional half-million on top of what he already owes. He also claims to have assets of between $1 million and $10 million, but most of this so-called wealth is what he claims to be the value of his New York apartment and his home in Palm Beach, neither of which has attracted any serious interest from buyers at all.

              Of course, if Trump loses the 2024 election, Rudy probably figures he can spearhead another national ‘stop the steal’ campaign, even though he still hasn’t been paid for running the last such effort which he announced in that bizarre press conference held across the street from a North Philly porn shop the day after Trump lost his 2020 re-election bid.

              How do you engage in such a public spectacle and then ever show your face in public again? Rudy must have a genuine case of what Grandpa would call ‘rachmones,’ (read: lack of dignity) or maybe he’s so drunk all the time that he just doesn’t realize how stupid and crazy he looks and sounds.

              Either way, even the alt-right echo chamber will get sick of both him and his good buddy Trump if Joe takes the Oath again in 2025. Because if there’s one thing about a democracy which isn’t based on any kind of Parliamentary coalition which requires some degree of deal-making with the other side, in this country you either won or you lose and that’s the end of that.

              Trump is the first politician who actually has managed to stay in the spotlight after losing a Presidential race. And because he still may wind up heading the GOP ticket in November, he can drag losers like Rudy Giuliani along in his wake.

              But like I said above, the clock is ticking and if we can figure out a way to steal another Presidential election later this year, maybe both Trump and Rudy will wind up sleeping under the New York Central tracks.

              And by the way, that tunnel happens to be literally around the corner from some condos built by Trump which no longer bear his name.






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