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Who Cares How Many Immigrants Come In?

              Saturday night my wife and I attended a baby shower at a catering hall over in the next town. There were 75 or 80 guests at the shower, we were the only two who weren’t Hispanics, as far as I could tell.

              The other guests were from Dominica or some other Lartin country to the South. Many of them had been born prior to coming to the United States although the little kids running around were obviously born here.

              Everyone in the room was connected to one another in some kind of family or community way. They all knew each other, they all seemed to be happy spending an evening with family and friends.

              The adult population was also entirely bi-lingual, and I heard most of the guests switching back and forth between English and Spanish numerous times.

              I started thinking about when Newt Gingrich tried to make English the ‘official’ language back in 1994. I should have known then that sooner or later we would wind up with a racist piece of shit like Donald Trump. Because the truth is that speaking more than one language is a way to open your mind to different cultures, different ideas, different traditions – in other words, all the intellectual and social beliefs and thoughts that racists like Gingrich and Trump don’t want you to have.

              You see, a racist is someone who wants you to be afraid of anyone who is different than the way we are ‘supposed’ to be. After all, we should all be white, all be Christian, all be sexually straight, all be everything which is the way things were when the United States was first formed.

              And not only was this country founded as a white, straight, Christian, and male-dominated nation, but that’s what made this country great, right?

              That’s the message we get from racist shitheads like Donald Trump, and that’s what I didn’t see the slightest indication of Saturday night, which is why the party was so nice and so much fun.

              Not only is Trump a stone-cold racist whose entire political persona is based on hate, but he’s also a big, tough guy who beats up women, and even brags about it until he gets caught. I love how he says that the entire episode with Jean Carroll was some kind of ‘plot’ engineered by Joe Biden and the Deep State. If he’s the GOP nominee in the November election, the result will make Reagan’s win over Mondale in 1984 look like a close race.

              All that shit down at the Rio Grande is just a way for racists like Trump to talk about Hispanics the way they used to talk about blacks. And the real problem facing the GOP is that the generation coming of age right now is color-blind and doesn’t understand political narratives based on race.

              I saw this absence of racial awareness at the party Saturday night, and if you look at the exit polls you’ll notice that MAGA voters tend to be the older voters, not the kids coming up. The acceptance of racial and sexual diversity by my children and their children is something I would never have imagined thirty years ago.

              But it’s happening all over the place and Trump and the other GOP anti-Woke shitheads may be the last gasp of a mentality that is finally slipping away and gone for good.

              I have never understood how anyone can be afraid of even notice that someone might be different from someone else. I remember when black families first moved into my neighborhood in 1954 after they integrated the schools following Brown v. Board, some of my white classmates began saying the n-word when they talked about the black kids.

              What was going through the minds of their parents when they used the n-word at home and their kids began using the word in school? I couldn’t figure it out then and I still can’t figure it out now.

              What I can’t get over is how my children and their children (I have six grandchildren) are completely color-blind when it comes to how they talk about and describe their friends. The problem is that there are still a lot of people around of my generation for whom skin color and language seem to be something of concern something to fear.

              But my generation is on its way out and most of the people who will come after us could care less about such silly things as how people talk or whether they have white, black, brown, or green skins.

              Despite what Trump and his minions think, the world changes and it doesn’t change by going backwards to how things used to be. Thank God for that, okay?


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