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Who is Dumber and Crazier than Boebert or Greene? Take Your Pick.

As I was watching Joe’s speech last night, I looked behind him and saw Nancy and Kammie sitting right where they were supposed to be. But then I had a quick and thankfully disappearing image of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene sitting in those two seats.

Could there be such an alignment when the President delivers a State of the Union speech in 2025? After all, remember who delivered the State of the Union in 2017.

Boebert and Greene are vying to be known as the two GOP woman who are about as abusive, stupid, and insulting as anyone could be. Given that most surveys find that women who vote for the GOP tend to be less gung-ho for Trump than the men, it’s interesting that the rhetorical excesses of those two gals come right out of the Trump-MAGA playbook and are just as extreme.

How could Boebert heckle Joe loudly and publicly last night when he mentioned his son? How could Greene show up at a White-nationalist rally and claim she didn’t know what the meeting was all about? Nobody’s going to take such nonsense seriously, but perhaps neither of these ladies is looking to be viewed or judged in serious terms.

What do they want? They are hoping that Ted Cruz will finally run a successful Presidential campaign in 2024 and one of them will get on the ticket as his running-mate. The one who isn’t picked by Cruz can become House Speaker as a consolation prize.

Last night, I happened to catch a few minutes of Cruz on Sean Hannity after Joe’s speech, and if you think thar Cruz won’t be trying to accomplish in 2024 what he didn’t accomplish in 2016, then either you’re not paying attention, or you never watch Fox News.

I notice, by the way, Trump is now pulling back from his lovey-dovey approach to Putin, and I have two theories about how come there has been an absence of pro-Russian noise from Mar-a-Lago since Tuesday night.

Theory Number 1 is that even Trump realized how stupid and politically inept he sounded when he said that Putin was ‘smart’ and America’s political leadership was ‘dumb.’

Then there’s Theory Number 2, which is the theory I really want to believe, and it’s a theory that popped into my head last night when Joe started talking about how the Department of Justice will start looking to take property away from Russian oligarchs who purchased their yachts and their fancy digs with ‘ill-gotten’ gains.

How many apartments are owned by Russian oligarchs in hi-rise towers managed by Trump? According to Michael Cohen, apartments in Trump buildings located in Manhattan were sold out of a nondescript storefront in Queens, which is situated in a neighborhood where many Russians just happen to live.

For all we know, one of those apartments might even belong to Putin himself.

But let’s get back for a minute to Boebert and Greene, who were both heckling Joe during his speech.

If Cruz gets the nomination in 2024, he’s not going to ‘balance’ the ticket by finding a running-mate with a more liberal slant. He’s going to have to reach out to the alt-right, and what better way to demonstrate his commitment both to political extremism and female voters than to give Boebert or Greene a shot at the big prize.

Boebert is the one, you may recall, who sent out a Christmas card which showed her children playing with their new gifts, which happened to be AR-15’s. As for Greene, there’s nothing she hasn’t said or done to try and cement her first-place position in the I-am-the-dumbest-member of the GOP House caucus sweepstakes.

Both Boebert and Greene face opponents in primaries this year, with their challengers asking the voters to ‘restore’ a degree of decency to the politics of their respective districts. If they get past the primaries, which they probably will both do, then they have to win the November vote which should be an easy task for Greene but somewhat more difficult for Boebert because her district has swung from red to blue before.

Either way, I look forward to one of them getting on the 2024 national ticket with Cruz because if Joe or Kammie can’t beat that pair, to quote LBJ, there ain’t a cow in Texas or anywhere else.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
03 mar 2022

When President Biden started talking about how the Department of Justice will start looking to take property away from Russian oligarchs who purchased their yachts and their fancy digs with ‘ill-gotten’ gains, I was hoping that he would go even further, and say that the U.S. will no longer buy oil from Russia. Now if you really want to hurt someone...take their income away, not their toys.

This would also help in getting our fuel prices higher so people would stop driving their gas-eating cars around just to get a gallon of milk. The environment is the biggest threat to our country.

I just donated another $100 to the re-election campaign of our President, and I hope you will too.

Mi piace
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