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Who's Ahead - Trump or Joe?

              All of a sudden, like outta’ nowhere, all those polls which had Trump way ahead of Joe have been replaced by polls which show the two guys to be basically tied. And for all the talk about how Trump is leading in the so-called ‘battleground’ states, those polls are essentially tied as well.

              Newsweek refers to Joe’s polling numbers as an ‘astonishing comeback,’ but their shock and surprise reflects how the Fake News has been trying to ramp up its click numbers by all kinds of shrill and fearful headlines about Joe’s performance in order to attract attention to the 2024 campaign before it even began.

              You see, the problem when you have an election which is basically contested by only two political parties is that until both parties and their candidates square off against each other, you don’t have an election campaign.

              Now in the case of Trump, what kept him in the news over the past six months was the 90-odd criminal indictments that he’s facing, which is certainly more of a newsworthy item than competing in GOP primaries against nobodies like Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy or Tim Scott.

              Furthermore, Trump was not only campaigning on a daily basis during the GOP primary season, in fact he has been campaigning more or less for the past four years. Since January 2022, Trump has held more than 60 of his large rallies, more than half taking place before the 2023-2024 primary campaign began. Trump even held a held a half-dozen rallies in 2021 after the January 6th event.

              What’s Joe been doing since he was inaugurated in 2021 to set the stage for a campaign to keep him in the Oval Office for a second term? Basically, he’s been for the most part quietly raising lots of money which is why his campaign is now sitting on loads of cash.

              As of the end of February, Joe has more than $70 million waiting to be spent on his campaign, Trump’s stash is $33 million, less than half of what Joe’s got in the bank. And don’t buy any of this nonsense about how Trump raised a gazillion dollars last week at a shindig for mega-donors at Mar-a-Lago because pledges aren’t checks, okay?

              So, how come along with all that money sitting in the bank, Joe’s poll numbers are now even with the numbers being reported for Trump? It’s very simple. Joe started his 2024 election campaign two weeks ago and he’ll probably wait to ramp it up after Labor Day.

              Meanwhile, if Joe needs to get his message out there, he’s got plenty of surrogates to help him out. Can you just imagine the response if Michelle Obama were to show up at a couple of black churches in Detroit and tell the congregations to remember to vote?

              And who does Trump have to help him promote MAGA during the campaign? He’s got Marjorie Taylor Greene who is now proclaiming that last week’s earthquake in New Jersey (which didn’t cause the slightest bit of damage at all) is proof that God is a Republic(an) too.

              Trump is telling everyone that his upcoming trial in New York is being managed by the White House and is just another attempt to prevent him from giving American voters the opportunity to return him to the Oval Office where he can make America ‘great again.’

              I hope he’s found innocent of the 34 felony charges he’s facing in this trial because I don’t want anything to prevent from heading the GOP national ticket on November 5th. And the reason I hope Trump will head the GOP slate is because Joe will kick his ass again.

              No doubt after this election Trump will unveil yet another conspiracy theory to explain yet another loss. But at least this will give op-ed writers like me someone to follow instead of old, demented, boring Joe.





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