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Who's In Charge? Trump or Rudy?

              So, now with the indictment of Alexander Smirnov, we have a new wrinkle in the ongoing production of Joe’s alleged corrupt relationship with his son Hunter, a long-playing political docudrama which goes all the way back at least to 2019, if not previously, with the two main characters being Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.

              The plot which is usually accepted by the Fake News says that Rudy went to Ukraine at the request of Trump to dig up dirt on Biden which could be used in the 2020 Presidential race. And Rudy ran this and other errands for Trump since he spent time as Trump’s guest at Mar-a-Lago recovering from the collapse of his 2008 Presidential campaign.

              Rudy’s shenanigans in Ukraine eventually led to the crazy telephone call between Trump and Zelensky when Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine  which led to the first impeachment which certainly played a role in Trump being booted out of the Oval Office in 2021.

              But before Joe took over managing the Executive Branch, Trump was pushing his complaint about the 2020 election ‘steal,’ which like the Ukraine nonsense, was also a Giuliani production that is still going on. Will anyone ever forget Rudy’s loony press conference across the street from a porno shop in North Philadelphia when he announced four days after the election that he would head an investigation against the ‘national’ conspiracy to rob Trump of a second term?

              These two events, the trip to Ukraine and the election fraud, are invariably presented by the Fake News as Giuliani playing obliging gofer to the mastermind Trump. But I’m beginning to think that the Giuliani-Trump relationship may be more accurately understood if we think of Trump as the lapdog and Rudy as the guy in charge.

              Why do I say that? Because until 2015, when Trump announced his entrance into the Presidential campaign,, his only work and area of expertise was in real estate and selling steaks, shirts and all other kinds of crap attached to his name.

              So, Trump knew how to build a brand, which was the strategy he used in the 2016 campaign. But he had no actual experience in politics, other than donating to other people’s political campaigns, up to and including Hillary’s Senate campaign.

              Giuliani, on the other hand, not only won a campaign for Mayor running as a Republican in a Democratic town, he also tirelessly promoted his political image as ‘America’s Mayor’ after he quit Gracie Mansion and City Hall because the law didn’t allow him to run again.

              What did Rudy do to make a living after the Twin Towers came down in 2001?  He started up a consulting firm which got him connected to numerous public and private entities around the world and he also conducted legal business through a law firm in New York.

              It was in that latter capacity that he got involved with two real scumbags, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, both of whom were arrested as they were waiting at Kennedy Airport for a plane that would get them out of the country, which then led to sentences in jail.

              Parnas was from Ukraine, Fruman was from Belarus but had also worked in Ukraine, and together they were used by Giuliani to help him meet the ‘right’ people in Ukraine who could provide some messy information about Hunter and Joe.

              Except when Rudy sat down with Trump to talk about going to Ukraine, he had another idea in mind beyond just bringing back some tidbits that Trump could use in the 2020 campaign. In fact, Giuliani and a California investor raised more than one million dollars to make a movie about Joe’s alleged corruption in Ukraine, but the whole thing fell apart when the FBI began investigating Rudy for allegedly acting as a ‘foreign agent’ for a Ukrainian prosecutor who was a source for information which Trump could use in the 2020 campaign.

              Until earlier this week, none of the investigations into how Giuliani and Trump may have mucked around in Ukraine seemed to be going anywhere.  Except now we have an indictment of the FBI’s confidential informant who has been on the government’s payroll since 2010 and allegedly supplied information about the so-called corrupt relationship between the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and the Bidens – father and son.

              And whose fingerprints are all over the activities of this now-indicted FBI source? None other than Rudy Giuliani’s fingerprints, who was himself doing legal work for those two schmucks – Parnas and Fruman – from at least 2018.

              My only regret is that I don’t have the connections in D.C. or New York to write a book about Trump and Giuliani because I suspect that some conversations with well-placed people in both cities might show that it was Trump who did whatever Rudy told him to do, and not the other way around.




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