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Who's Running for President on the GOP Side? Who Cares?

It is usually said that the Presidential campaign gets going on the Labor Day of the year before the vote. In other words, we are six months away from the start of the 2024 campaign. Which is still enough time for both parties to begin getting rid of the excess baggage which accumulates every time that someone pretends that they want to run a Presidential campaign.

Except in this particular year, it’s really only the GOP which has to start going through that exercise, because Joe is certainly behaving like an incumbent who’s going to be running again unless I’m completely wrong.

Meanwhile, across the aisle in GOP-land, the big question is whether Trump will be able to run a Presidential campaign from jail. Eugene Debs did it in 1920 and got more than 900,000 votes. That’s more than twice as many votes as the Green Party got in 2020, although the Greens were only on the ballot in 37 states.

I’d give anything to see the GOP hold its 2024 nominating convention outside the federal lockup in Butner where Madoff spent his last couple of years, or maybe Trump will get nominated in the town park in Otisville, NY which is where Michael Cohen mopped floors and washed dishes for three years.

Incidentally, Cohen is right now having a grand old time testifying before the New York Grand Jury which will shortly decide whether to indict Trump for his hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels, one of three grand juries hearing and reviewing testimony about possible crimes committed by Trump.

In the meantime, we can still be entertained by some other members of the GOP who aren’t going to announce any kind of Presidential campaign, but who knows for sure? Take Lauren Boebert, for instance. She sent out a Christmas card in 2021 which showed her kids sitting in front of the X-mas tree with their favorite new toys.

That’s the picture on the left above. The pic on the right was sent out as a Christmas card in 2016 by Michelle Fiore, who ran in the GOP primary for a Congressional seat in Nevada that year and came in third. She is now a Justice of the Peace in Pahrump, which happens to be the town used as the setting for an incredibly funny movie – Mars Attacks, starring Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan and Glenn Close.

If either or both Fiore and Boebert believe they can promote themselves as candidates for a serious political presence in any location other than where nobody pulls the blue lever at election time, then it’s clear they really are from outer space. And the reason the Fake Media pays them the slightest attention at all is proof that when push comes to shove, the 2024 campaign hasn’t really begun.

The media would love to make you believe that the 2024 campaign is starting early because Ron DeSantis made his very first visit to Iowa today. I’m not really sure why everyone thinks that Iowa is so important just because their caucuses meet at the very beginning of the election year.

Who won the last three contested GOP caucuses in Iowa? Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Ted Cruz. So much for the importance of Iowa in how the GOP primary campaign turns out.

Actually, the GOP Presidential hopefuls should be glad that the 2024 election doesn’t really get going for another six months, because this gives them enough time for something really serious to happen which could be used to convince the voters that Joe just can’t get the job done.

The election ‘fraud’ didn’t work, the ‘dementia’ thing has come and gone, nobody really cares about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the February jobs report showed another big gain.

It’s still very early but the 2024 election is beginning to smell a little bit like what happened in 1996 when the GOP nominated Bob Dole who agreed to run but knew he wouldn’t win. So, he went through the motions basically to give his wife Elizabeth more public attention for when she ran a campaign for President in 2000, a campaign which ended almost when it began because she ran out of cash.

I’m just wondering if there are any GOP Presidential hopefuls who have spouses or dear friends who might get a leg up after Joe takes the oath again in 2025.

I got it! Let’s all get behind George Santos who was just accused of helping a ‘roommate’ skim credit card information out of ATM machines.

It just keeps getting better all the time.

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