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Who's the Fascist? Soros or Trump?

              So, the first thing I do when I get up this morning is to take a pee, then make a fresh pot of coffee and now turn on my laptop to see what’s going on.

              And the very first email I see is from the Democrat(ic) fundraising machine,, which tells me that the ‘slow moving fascist takeover of America’ is gaining steam because ‘Trump and his MAGA accomplices are mapping out a full-blown far-right takeover of our government if he wins the White House next November.,

              So, now we have Trump calling the Democrats a bunch of Fascists, and the Democrats calling Trump and his cohorts a bunch of Fascists as well. Which is which?

              Let me start with Trump, okay? Because, after all, we know he’s been promoting Fascism ever since he decided that there were ‘good people’ cheering as the Nazis marched through Charlottesville in 2017.

              Trump’s obviously been building his Fascist movement and planning the takeover of America and the smashing of our democratic system for at least seven years, okay?

              It took Hitler eleven years from the beer hall putsch in Munich until he took over the German government and obliterated the democratic, Weimar government in 1933. So, we aren’t all that far away from Trump doing what Hitler did, right?

              Wrong. Not only wrong. Totally and completely fucking wrong.

              Within a week after Hitler attempted to put together a mass assault on the national government in Berlin by leading a march that started at a political rally in an indoor drinking hall in Munich, he was slapped into jail which is where he spent the next nine months and wrote Mein Kampf.

              What did Trump do on January 6th when his so-called ‘army’ marched to the Capitol, ran around inside the building for three hours and said they were going to hang Mike Pence? He sat in front of the TV, did not thing at all, and then put up a video message telling the MAGA troops to go home.

              Hitler realized after the 1922 effort failed, that in order to take over the government and turn Germany into a Fascist state, he needed three things. First, he needed to develop a national political party which would control the Parliament. Second, he needed the support of the police in order to enforce his political mandates. Third, he needed the Army to crush any mass resistance from other political parties, labor unions and the like.

              Finally, it helped that when all three of these elements were in place by 1933, the country’s national economy had collapsed, foreign troops were bivouacked on German soil, and the countries which had beaten Germany in World War I were demanding financial reparations which had reduced the value of German currency to zilch.

              Do any of these conditions exist in the United States? Yea, right. We have an unemployment rate under 4%, a positive balance of payments for the first time in twenty-something years, a stock market which is sitting at an all-time high and anyone who wants to believe that the so-called ‘invasion’ of our Southern border represents anything other than the latest rhetorical example of the traditional GOP appeal to racism, as Grandpa would say, ‘gai macht,’ (read: stick it up your ass.)

              Finally, and here is the most important point. Trump may still make a buck selling those stupid MAGA hats and flags at his rallies, but have you noticed the appearance of the MAGA party on a single ballot for the election later this year? Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party, which became the largest parliamentary party following the elections held in July 1932.

              Sorry, but Trump’s attempt to differentiate between RINO Republicans and MAGA Republicans is nothing but a convenient way of obscuring the fact that he may be the GOP’s putative Presidential nominee in 2024, but he doesn’t control the behavior of a single individual enrolled in the Republic(an) Party the way that Hitler could arbitrarily decide who was, and who wasn’t a Nazi in 1933.

              As for the idea that George Soros is a Fascist or a Communist or whatever else Trump wants to call him on his Truth Social website whose stock price is quickly being flushed down the financial toilet – it’s only down 30% in the last week – the TMTG pyramid scheme will no doubt result in all kinds of lawsuits which Hitler didn’t have to worry about because he controlled the German courts.

              Let’s see how much control of the court Trump can exercise when his trial for committing 34 felonious payments to Stormy Daniels begins next week.



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