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Who Says That Mass Movements Are Only On The Right?

Yesterday my sister sent me an email she received from Bernie Sanders asking her for – what else? – dough. Of course, he’s not going to use the money for another campaign – yea, right. He’s going to give the money to Vermont charities who are helping “those in need’ during Conid-19,

Isn’t that just so compassionate. Isn’t it just so thoughtful of good ol’ Bern? Hillary Clinton put together the same kind of operation after she embarrassed all of us with her facockta campaign in 2016. She had a PAC called the Onward Together Committee, which was going to promote younger candidates running for public office and put more than $200,000 in various 2018 campaigns.

The whole thing ran out of stem in 2019 when she could only donate a little more than $20,000 before her operation shut itself down. But you can’t tell me that putting together a PAC was some kind of selfless act. The truth is that people like her and Bernie just never know when to shut the f*ck up.

I guess maybe they figure that since it took Joe three separate campaigns before he grabbed the brass ring, that they might as well hang around and shoot for the moon again. And despite denials to the contrary by one of his worst and most disgusting surrogate liars, a.k.a., Jason Miller, something called the newly-formed Patriot Party has nothing to do with Trump as well.

Oh, I forgot. Trump has never talked about his base as representing a political party. Those schmucks have always been part of a ‘movement,’ right? It’s called the MAGA movement, and its name is actually copyrighted and owned by Trump.

Mass movement go way back in American history to times even before the country was born. I live on Daniel Shays Highway in Massachusetts, named after a farmer from around here who led an abortive tax revolt in 1786. The group attacked several colonial administrators and made a bonfire out of a pile of tax returns. When the State Militia showed up, the Shays rebellion melted away. By mid-1787 the whole exercise had become a footnote in colonial lore.

The degree to which the MAGA movement has become more violent is a disturbing issue for Joan Donovan, who runs some kind of efsher research project at Harvard’s Kennedy School – where else? She just published an article in The Atlantic magazine which basically says that the violence which erupted on January 6th is an attempt by various groups connected through MAGA to go beyond a rejection of the election through other, lawful means.

Donovan goes on, tongue glued inside her cheek, to talk about how MAGA legal ‘experts’ like Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, “filed dozens of voter-fraud cases that had zero hope of succeeding on their merits.”

She adds: “Having lost at the polls, in the courts, and in state legislative chambers, the MAGA movement is trying to get its way through more and more brazen violence and intimidation.”

Last time I checked, which was January 19th, the Department of Justice had indicted 78 ‘insurrectionists’ for attempting the violent overthrow of the government on January 6th. The number of indictments is now up to 138. Remember how all those MAGA-ites were going to show up in D.C. again to disrupt Joe and Kammie’s inauguration on January 20th? L

I have a question to ask Joan Donovan and any of her readers who were shocked and felt threatened by the behavior of the MAGA mass movement on January 6th. Let’s say this wasn’t 2021, let’s say it was 1963. And let’s say that it wasn’t Trump standing up there telling the audience to march on the Capitol. Let’s say that it was Martin Luther King, Jr., who told the crowd to march on the Capitol and conduct a peaceful protest on the steps. And let’s say that some of the protestors broke through a police barricade, then broke into the Senate chamber and tore up the place.

The organizers of the 1963 March would have immediately denounced this behavior, there would have been calls for ‘calm’ and ‘peace.’

Am I so wrong as to believe that all the MAGA movement really represents is the shoe being worn on the other foot?

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