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Who Says The Democrats Stole The 2020 Election?

After all the yelling and screaming about how the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ and the outcome was a ‘fraud,’ Donald Trump finally has a real, live example of voting fraud which actually took place.

I’m referring to the arrest on Thursday of a guy in Las Vegas named Donald Kirk Hartle, who was charged not with one, but two counts in a criminal complaint for voting twice by using his dead wife’s name. Each count, incidentally, are punishable by jail terms of up to four years, along with $10,000 in fines.

The defendant in this case happens to be a registered Republican, who after his deceased wife’s name popped up not on one but on two mail-in ballots, he claimed to a local TV station that it was ‘pretty sickening’ that someone would use his dead wife’s name to vote in the election, but somehow managed to forget that the ‘someone’ happened to be him.

Not to worry, because his attorney, said that “Mister Hartle looks forward to responding to the allegations.”

They always say that after they’re indicted. They’re always looking forward to setting the record straight. When was the last time that someone got indicted and the lawyer stated that he wouldn’t cooperate?

Now even though this guy is a registered Republican, for all we know his dear, departed wife voted for Joe not once, but twice. After all, the Nevada GOP tweeted that the charges against Hartle represented a “concrete case” of voter fraud.

But I’m wondering whether the reason that Trump kept yapping about a stolen election was to cover up the fact that it was his party that was engaged in the steal. You think that someone like Roger Stone wouldn’t stuff a few ballot boxes here and there?

Trump won Florida’s 29 electoral votes by slightly more than 370,000 votes of the 11 million votes that he and Joe split. In 2016, 27% of the voters in Florida mailed in their ballots, a number that jumped to 67% last year. Want to send in some extra ballots with the names of people who recently died? What better state for that kind of thing than Florida, right?

In North Carolina, Trump was awarded the state’s 15 electoral votes by grabbing slightly less than 75,000 votes of the 5,443,067 votes that he split with Joe. North Carolina went from 3% to almost 50% mail-in ballots from 2016 to 2020. Something funny on the GOP side couldn’t have happened there?

Now if I were trying to help Trump get a second term and the 7-point gap between him and Joe hadn’t changed since April or May, what would I do in the last month of the campaign to push my guy forward or pull the other guy back? Well, I could start spreading stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and how the whole Biden family was making millions from connections to the Chinese. Know how the polls changed following that September ‘surprise?’ They didn’t so much as waffle one, goddamn bit.

Why wouldn’t the Presidential campaign that held its final news conference in a parking lot in front of a lawn-care company and across the street from a porn shop not try to steal votes and then charge the other side with election ‘fraud?’ I have been following Presidential campaigns since 1960 and I have never (read: never) seen anything as crazy, as totally stupid, and as totally beyond rational belief as Giuliani’s performance a stone’s throw away from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center.

Hey! It just hit me! Why didn’t I think of this at the time it occurred? For all I know, the reason that Rudy knew where to go for a news conference was because he and other staff from Trump’s campaign had been there before.

What were they doing at the Four Seasons lawncare company? Filling in names on mail-in ballots which they got from the cremation center across the street.

Just remember next year – VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!

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