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Who Tried to Steal the 2020 Election? Trump.

Maybe I’m just stupid or dumb, but there’s something about this whole ‘vote fraud’ which has been going on now for nearly two years that I don’t get. Giuliani is going to be testifying in Atlanta to a Grand Jury which is investigating into what The Failing New York Times is calling “post-election meddling.”

The prosecutors who will be questioning Donald Trump’s consigliere believe that what happened in Georgia was part of “a multistate, coordinated plan by the Trump campaign to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere.”

Fine. Good. As Grandpa would say, ‘gai gezinta hai,’ (read: so what?)

We know that Giuliani and other members of the Trump crime family went here, there, and all over peddling lies about how the election was stolen from their don.

Remember the crazy Philadelphia press conference that Rudy held in the parking lot of a landscaping company across the street from a porno shop?

Trump and his cosa nostra began peddling the election ‘fraud’ line months before the election actually took place.

When Joe first emerged as the Democrat(ic) frontrunner in April, the head-to-head polls against don Donaldo gave Joe a seven-point lead. And whatever the GOP threw at Joe over the next months, the seven-point gap never changed. In fact, pollsters had never seen such an unchanging polling behavior in any previous national campaign.

Now, stop and think for a minute and ask yourself who were the capos in the Trump la famiglia crimine at that time? You had Bannon, Twerp Kushner, Rudy, and the capo di tutti i capi, a.k.a. Roger Stone.

Are you going to sit there and believe that this bunch of crooks wouldn’t have been trying to figure out how to steal the election from Joe when all the legal attempts to influence the vote and close the gap were failing and would continue to fail?

C’mon, gimme a break, okay? Roger Stone never worked in any election without trying to pull off some scam. Why do you think Trump hired him in the first place? Because he was such an honest guy?

Trump got just short of 63 million votes in 2016. In 2020, he rolled up 74 million votes and he ran around saying that no sitting President ever got 74 million votes. I remember as a kid in Washington, D.C. that one year the hapless Senators won 58 games, the next year they won 62 games. They still finished in last place in the American League both years.

Joe’s vote total in 2020 was 5 percent higher than Trump’s total vote. Which was a smaller gap than what had been registered in virtually every pre-election poll over the previous six months.

Guess what? In the three swing states whose results determined the winner – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin – Trump got 6,655,560 votes and won all three states in 2016. In 2020, he got 7,637,710 votes, an increase of nearly 15%. But in 2020, he lost all three states.

Trump lost those three must-win states in 2020 because Joe increased the Democratic vote total in those three states by 20%. But let’s remember something about 2016. Trump didn’t win that election – Hillary lost it. She ran up a big total vote in those three states of 6,517,816 votes but Obama received 7,175,828 votes in those same states in 2012.

The bottom line is that Trump was elected President in 2016 because his opponent somehow dropped 10 percent of the votes that she should have won. And maybe Trump didn’t understand that, but members of his crime family like Roger Stone certainly did.

Why should we assume that Trump only tried to steal the 2020 election after the votes were counted on November 3rd? Here’s a guy who barely squeaked into office in 2016 and ran for re-election now while a viral assault was killing thousands of Americans every day.

I love how Trump goes around right now saying that the economy is in the dumps with an unemployment rate under 4%. Know what the unemployment rate was in June 2020? Try 11.1%.

If Stone and the rest of that bunch didn’t try to steal votes during the 2020 campaign, someone, or all of them, were asleep at the wheel. The fact that Trump not only started yelling about election ‘fraud’ during the campaign but continues to complain about it to this day, tells me that all he’s really doing is covering up for his own attempt to steal some votes which didn’t work.

And why do I really believe that it’s Trump who’s guilty of election fraud? Because after four years of his stupid and sorry Administration, who would vote for him again anyway?

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